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Can I freeze the yeast dough again?

  • Shelf life: 5 months
  • Shelf life: 6 months
  • Shelf life in the refrigerator: 2 months
  • Term in the freezer: 6 months

Very many people can do more test thanthey might need it. And in the end, they do not know how to deal with the surplus product and are wondering how to get out of this situation. And it's very simple, because you can try to keep the dough until next time, when it may be needed.

The easiest and most reliable way to keep the doughIs to freeze it. As everyone knows, different dough differs in its purpose and composition. But, despite the different compositions, at the heart of any one is milk or water. It is thanks to such liquids that the dough can be frozen and preserved, and after defrosting, it can again be used for its intended purpose. Sometimes it can even benefit its taste. The main difference in storing the dough in cold is the temperature and shelf life.

If you want to store the dough in the fridge thenIt should not be stored for very long, since the dough may sour because of the fermentation process. But if you remove the dough on yeast in the freezer, then there it can be stored for several weeks. The dough should be defrosted in the heat, and after it has melted, it must rise again. And already after it rises it is necessary to start cooking immediately from it.

It is better to cut the dough into portions beforehand to freeze it so that it is more convenient to use.

To this type of dough to treat anyone, the basis of which does not include yeast, such as sand, biscuit or puff.

The easiest way to store the dough, which subsequentlywill be used for pizza. It is prepared very simply and after it is divided into portions, rolled into balls and sent to the refrigerator in the food film. If you cook pizza in the next few days, you can simply put it in the refrigerator, if longer, it is better to send it to the freezer. There it can lie even for 6 months. Short pastry can be stored in the freezer for no longer than 3 months, and flaky about 5 months.

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