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Is it possible to freeze dough in the freezer

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To shorten the time to prepare a complexbaking, many divide it into several stages. Today I want to talk about one of them - how to properly freeze and unfreeze the dough, in order to just use the workpiece at the right time and do not waste time preparing it. This method of freezing is suitable for any type of test. Whether it's yeast puff or dough, bezdozhzhevoy puff, any gingerbread or shortbread dough.

So, today I have prepared a puffed leandough. She stretched it into the reservoir with her hands and laid it on the parchment paper. Above, just covered the dough sheet of parchment. Now, carefully, without pressing the pin firmly, I roll the dough into a layer of the desired width, about 1 cm.

If there is a lot of excess paper left on the edges, as in my case, it must be cut off so that it does not interfere and does not distort the dough.

Do not remove the parchment, carefully twist the dough inand in this form we put it in the freezer and set the freezing temperature -25 ° C, the so-called shocking frost. If you do not have such a function, just put it in the freezer.

If you expect to cook something tomorrowfrozen dough, then shift it in the evening in the refrigerator compartment. And an hour before cooking, we take it out on the table. Do not spread the dough and leave it at room temperature right after being taken out of the freezer. In this case, it will be taken up with water and the texture of the dough will be broken.

As soon as I laid the defrosted dough on the table from the fridge, I cut it into two halves. On the cut, it is clear that the dough retained its texture.

Expand the rudets, remove the parchment and now you can work with the already defrosted test.

Since I have a flaky, batterless dough, I turned it into a roll again. First she folded the first half of the dough, and then wrapped it in the second half. Now the dough is completely ready for work.

Now you know how to freeze and unfreeze the dough by taking it out of the freezer and homemade tasty and fresh pastries, now, it will be a frequent guest on your table.

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