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How to freeze yeast dough for pizza

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  • Dough: (1 cup flour, 50 g sour cream 20%, 14 cup kefir, salt, sugar, soda).

    It would be great to please her husband with home pizza more often, and messing around with a smaller test))

    Often I freeze the dough for vareniki. Sometimes it turns out that the dough remains, but the filling is no longer there. I think that this dough can also be frozen.

    I always freeze the dough, and puff, and forpizza and for biscuits! For pizza dough I roll out on parchment and fold. Such a roll I clean in the freezer (it takes so much less space, it is rather easier to find a place for a thin roll than for a piece). And all, then about 10 minutes it will lie at room temp. and can be deployed directly on the baking tray.

    great idea with parchment!

    I liked the idea with paper.

    how much information is needed in the blog in the end, and the recipe for the test and the method of freezing)), I'll use it, thanks!

    All ingenious is simple, thanks for the advice, I will definitely use it.

    We at home I and my mother also freezes the dough, we are fordumplings and ravioli often make the pastry dough and it does not lose any color or consistency. and the dough for pizza I make yeast with the addition of tomato hot sauce, and it even gets better after defrosting, it's checked. I worked at the Public Library (although in accounting) and I was told by bakers themselves that if the dough is put in the cold or in the freezer, it gets better.

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