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Can I freeze the dough for dumplings?

Learn whether it is possible to freeze the dough for vareniki, pancakes and pies. Here you will find user comments whether it is possible to freeze the dough for pizza and for chebureks.

When preparing various dishes from doughit happens that there are surpluses. How can they be saved? Can I freeze the dough? Each landlady has its own ways of preserving the test. Is it possible to freeze the dough at home?

If you see for sure that you can not cope withthe resulting volume of dough, then immediately after fermentation, divide it into pieces and put it in the freezer, pre-wrapped in foil or dense food film. Of course, the ideal option is a shock frost at minus 20 degrees, then all the properties of the test are preserved with its gradual defrosting. At home, the camera is suitable for minus 18 degrees. The composition of any test usually includes milk or water, due to which, sometimes the dough is even better baked after freezing, because ice crystals favorably influence the splendor of baking.

Another component that affects product propertieswhen freezing it is flour. Quality plays a huge role. If the flour is low in gluten, then it will stretch after defrosting, spreads out. Flour with a high percentage of gluten content will form a swollen crust.

Dough will retain its elasticity and shape, if it add margarine, egg and sugar.

Dough for dumplings, pizza, pies and chebureks can be safely frozen and it is stored in the freezer for 6 months. Dough for pancakes is not frozen, tk. it spoils when defrosting.

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