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Is it possible to freeze puff pastry

Ready-made puff pastry, which is sold infrozen form, is a real find for a busy housewife. But how to defrost the puff pastry correctly, so that it does not lose its properties and baking turned out to be successful? Let's consider the basic ways of defrosting.

There are several opinions on this score. Some hostesses prefer to work with a soft, completely thawed test. Another is more convenient to cut and mold the products when it becomes flexible, but not too soft.

In any case, the completely frozen dough is notsuitable for work, it easily breaks down and completely stubborn, so you still need to know the ways to defrost it. But to what extent to give him thaw, each hostess decides independently.

puff pastry is usually frozen by several layers, which are easily separated after defrosting. However, while the dough is hard, you need to handle it with care, so as not to break it.

It is best to defrost the dough slowly:

  • Transfer the packaging from the freezer to the refrigerator. It is convenient to do this from the evening, then in the morning it will be soft and ready for further work.
  • Remove the packaging and put the dough on the sprinkledflour plate or table. At room temperature it completely wakes up in about 5 hours. Until that time, it is better not to touch it and do not try to separate the sheets from each other.

With slow defrost, the dough completely restores all its properties and becomes again the same as before freezing.

When there is no time for slow defrosting, you canmake it faster. If you have at least two hours, you need to put the dough, freed from the package, in a warm place. This can be a table near a stove or other heat source. However, when defrosting in the warmth, there is a risk that the edges "float" and become stuck together. Therefore, it is best to separate the test sheets immediately, as they become slightly flexible, without waiting for a complete defrost.

In the extreme case, if you need to defrost quickly,you can wrap the dough in a towel without removing the packaging, and put on a battery that is not too hot. But with this method, the internal structure of the puff pastry can be disrupted, and it will turn into the usual one.

Is it possible to unfreeze the puff pastry inmicrowave? Yes, but only if the stove has a defrost function, in which the heating power is not more than 150 W. With a greater power, the dough will begin to bake and form any of the products will not be possible. For defrosting, 5 minutes with one overturning is sufficient.

Correctly defrosting the dough, you can easily make of it everything that you have conceived, and you will be satisfied with the result.

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