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Is it possible to freeze the thawed dough

To re-freeze the puff pastry generally that is notrecommend that it is better to use it is not frozen, but if it has already turned out so that you need to re-freeze, then when preparing the dish, the dough does not fit, it will be difficult to cook with it, it can break. I when the dough when I prepare puff is frozen, but when the second time I freeze it or him from it or him it is difficult that that to prepare. And in general, the posthumous on the packaging that the dough enters, you can try to freeze a small piece of dough, and put the rest in the refrigerator, then after a while, take the frozen from the freezer and cook from it, if it goes out, you can freeze the whole dough .

Since different companies make puff pastry in different ways, it is possible that it has already been defrosted several times and frozen. Good luck.

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