/ / Is it possible to freeze the dough on kefir without yeast

Can I freeze the dough with kefir without yeast?

food soda - as needed;

eggs of chicken - 1 pc

We break the egg into a container, pour kefir into it.

Whisk the mass until smooth. Add the soda, salt and mix.

Gradually add flour, stir.

We knead an elastic steep dough. We give him a little to stand, covered with a towel, so that the dough does not dry.

Well we knead the dough and form in the likeness of a ball. The dough is ready for use.

If the dough does not need to be used immediately or itstoo much, then wrap it in a food film and put it in the freezer. It thaws very quickly, and it can be stored for a long time in a frozen form. It is very convenient, when there is a ready-made dough in the freezer, it is always possible to quickly "quarrel" anything)).

This dough can be used for dumplings, ravioli or cook manti, as well as for lazy vareniki and dumplings. Can be used as a base for pizza.

Most recently, I cooked fresh cakes on the same recipe, but did not add soda.

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