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How to freeze homemade yeast dough

What mistress does not like to pamper her householdfresh and fragrant pastries? And everyone knows that yeast dough is perhaps the most whimsical of all kinds of dough. Kneading it is not difficult, but it is not always possible to "pick it up". Sometimes it is difficult to calculate the right proportions of dough and baking stuffs, so there are surplus dough, and the economical mistress will never throw them away. Here we will talk about how to store the yeast dough.

Freeze yeast dough only by portions. Before freezing, each piece should be greased with vegetable oil and tightly wrapped in a film.

If you buy frozen yeast dough, it is important not to let it melt during transportation. This is necessary to avoid re-freezing.

Some types of test should be sent to the refrigerator for a certain period of time before use. It is important not to exceed this period, then baking will certainly work.

All the housewives are familiar with the situation when the yeast dough is left. How to store it? To be able to use it later, there are two places where it is possible to store the yeast dough:

  1. On the shelf of the refrigerator yeast dough will beremain usable for a short time. This is a great way to store yeast dough until tomorrow and do without freezing. How much yeast dough can be stored in the refrigerator, if it consists of milk, water and yeast. Of course, no longer than two days.
  2. Can yeast dough be stored in the freezer? Why not? The yeast dough is placed in the freezer compartment when its use is not planned in the next few days. Up to three weeks - that's how much yeast dough can be stored in the freezer without losing its properties.

Experienced housewives repeatedly checked whether it is possiblestore the yeast dough to the refrigerator. Before storing the yeast dough in the refrigerator, it is recommended to prepare it correctly and observe a few simple rules:

  • the dough should be cut into small equal parts;
  • Each portion roll into balls and lightly cover with vegetable oil;
  • balls of dough should be placed in a bag or food film, pre-making small holes in order for the dough to "breathe";
  • to store the yeast dough until tomorrow the most suitable shelf in the refrigerator should be where it is colder.

How much to store the yeast dough in the freezer, alas, does not depend on its quality. It is easy to freeze it, as in the composition of any yeast dough there is milk and water.

It should be understood that in yeast doughthere is a constant process of fermentation - living organisms react with sugar and water, and the rate of such a reaction depends on the temperature conditions. So, in the freezing chamber, the fermentation process slows down significantly, but it does not stop, therefore, yeast storage in the freezer also has its own terms.

How much yeast can be stored in this way depends on the following recommendations:

  • the dough should be divided into portions so that, if necessary, you do not have to unfreeze everything (it is certainly not subject to repeated freezing);
  • portions of yeast dough should be placed in hermetically sealed food containers or wrapped with food film, pre-lubricated with vegetable oil or rolled in flour;
  • You can roll out the yeast dough and roll it with rolls;
  • Defrost the yeast dough quickly by placing it in a microwave, warm water and almost any warm place, but it is best to let it gradually thaw and rise in the refrigerator.

Many people prefer to buy ready-made yeastdough in the store. There is nothing dangerous in this, but the storage of such a product requires special attention. The fact is that such a dough is already sold frozen, so when you buy it, it is somehow exposed to defrosting.

No more than 9 hours - that's how much you can store the finished yeast dough in the refrigerator, based on the expiration dates on the label.

And the producers are right, because once the defrosted dough is on the way out of the store, you can not freeze it back. Accordingly, buying a yeast dough, you need to use it as soon as possible.

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