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Is it possible to freeze the puff pastry homemade

The dough itself made.

You can easily freeze, I often do so. It is often sold frozen, but if you bought a fresh one and do not want to use it at the moment, then in the freezer - and there are no problems. When necessary - then defrost. It is thawed at room temperature for about an hour.

If you yourself have prepared this dough, then it can be frozen, but once. Because the repeated frost leads to a loss of its quality.

Defrost, and then again defrost the dough in principle, do not recommend. After this step, it can burst when it is rolling. And it will be hard to succumb to cooking.

But if we judge logically, then we buy this dough in the store and it, during transportation and sale, undoubtedly repeatedly freeze and unfreeze.

You can check the quality for yourself after a second defrost, tear off a piece of dough and spend the experience. And make a conclusion, you can all the same or not.

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