/ / Is it possible to freeze the dough on kefir and soda?

Can I freeze the dough with kefir and soda?

Learn whether it is possible to freeze, store infreezer or refrigerator yeast dough, as well as oven in microwave pies. Here you can read the advice of the confectioners, and learn how to properly store this product.

Yeast, flour and water are the main ingredientsof this product. Many housewives question whether it is possible to freeze yeast dough? The store usually sells it in this form, including pies and donuts. But in this case, use products with a high content of preservatives. But when homemade, for example, on milk and kefir, they are absent. And here there are no contraindications to freezing. The main thing is not to thaw the dough, for example, in a microwave oven.

Is it possible to store yeast dough in a freezercamera - the question is quite simple. In this case, the product will be stored for several days. But in the refrigerator - a few days. Otherwise, the fermentation process can lead to sour dough. Without a refrigerator, you can store the product only if it is literally used for cooking the various dishes over the next 24 hours. In the freezer, the fermentation process does not stop at all, but only slows down. However, if you maintain the standard temperature to minus 18 degrees, then the properties of the dough can last for 18 months.

From the yeast dough mistresses prepare a settasty dishes. True, many people ask whether it is possible to bake pies with such a base in a microwave oven. To do this is actually easy and simple, the main thing is to master the basic rules. This process takes much less time than using a conventional oven. The dough becomes especially tender and juicy, practically does not burn. The smaller the baking size, the less time it takes to cook it. You can use the grill function to form a crispy crust.

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