/ / Can I freeze the dough for pancakes?

Can I freeze the dough for pancakes?

Dough on kefir for pizza or pancakes can be frozen for future use, so that if necessary, do not start, and get it from the freezer and cook?

What is the best way to do this?

Do not allow the batter to freeze. It's a multicomponent composition. If you freeze, all these components will disperse and the dough will exfoliate pohlesche than if it just stays. Vegetable oil will peel off with 100% probability, because it does not freeze, but simply thickens. If something is dairy, it will also become whey, protein and drops of fat.

As a result, the mixture must be thawed and kneaded again, and this will be more difficult than mixing a new dough. And as a result, it can turn out not at all such a produt, which comes out of a fresh test.

But ready pizza or fritters can be frozen. After warming up, of course, it will not be the same as fresh, but much better than the test.

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