/ / Is it possible to freeze the brewed dough until the next time?

Can I freeze the brewed dough until the next time?

In the refrigerator it is kept well for several days, but did not try to freeze it. Does anyone have such a useful experience?

Hello, the dough can be stored infreezer up to 1 month of course with the condition that it will not defrost and re-freeze. it is better not to store it in a package, but in a container with a tightly closed lid, and unfreeze in the refrigerator. Better yet, if you bake products in advance and freeze. Then, at any time, you can unfreeze it in a microwave and fill it with stuffing. Often so I do - it is very convenient

In general, it is sold (not all and not always, but still) in such a frozen form, so you can freeze at home yourself.

It's true that I did not like the taste of baking with such a test (defrosted), maybe I kept it for a long time, I do not know.

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