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Is it possible to freeze a cake dough

There is a paradoxical situation - the widerassortment of semi-finished food stores, the fewer women trust the finished product. If at first frozen dough was very popular, now it lies in frosts for a long time, waiting for its buyer.

In this case, the mistress would like to pamper her familydelicious pastries, but are afraid to buy ready-made frozen semi-finished products from the dough, because of all the improvers of taste and preservatives. At the same time, there is absolutely no time to work at least once a week.

How to solve this problem? Select the evening, cook the dough, freeze it in the freezer, and for 2 months - do not store it anymore - at a convenient time to please home delicious pastries.

You can even cook the products, and then they just bake or fry. The main thing is to properly perform the procedure for freezing the dough.

To prepare a decent amount of such a product, the following ingredients are needed:

  • flour - somewhere 1.5 kg, but there may be a difference of 100 g in one direction or another;
  • milk - 1 l;
  • granulated sugar - 4 tbsp. l .;
  • a packet of butter or margarine, some prefer vegetable oil - sunflower - about half a glass;
  • eggs - 4 pieces;
  • yeast - if the bags of 7 g, then 2, 11 - 1.5;
  • certainly salt.

For the first time, it's better to experiment witha small number of products. Maybe, something in the future will need more, something less. The indicator that it was possible to freeze the dough correctly is the result - it is doubled after defrosting.

Oil products are laid out to melt, and at that time yeast is bred. Heat the milk so that it is slightly warmer than body temperature, dilute the yeast in milk and add sugar.

Milk with yeast is allowed to stand up - some prefer to pour in a little flour to make it easier to follow the rise. 30 minutes, and the opara is ready.

The remaining ingredients are then mixed, addingin the dough eggs, butter, salt and pour flour in small portions - otherwise it will be difficult to mix. As soon as the mixture reaches uniformity, it's time to move on to the next stage - put everything in the refrigerator so that the dough is stored for future use.

To do this, each portion - they are calculated so,so that it can later be spent for 1 time - stacked in 2 plastic bags. And do not stuff the packages tightly - until the dough is sorted out, that it is frozen, it has time to increase in volume.

Ties at the packages should be placed from different sides - for reliability. The inner package from the underside is better to oil or roll in flour.

Do not even think about whether it is possible to freeze yeast dough. Thanks to a modern refrigerator, this procedure is simple and easy.

Frozen puff pastry in shops can bemeet more often than yeast. But not everyone decides to buy it, not trusting the mass producer. Independently to the procedure of kneading to come to the same fear, considering it too complicated.

There are simple recipes for puff pastry, which even an inexperienced hostess can cope with.

Flour and butter are taken in equal proportions. Flour sifted, mixed with salt - 1 kg teaspoon. Then a layer of flour is poured onto a flat surface, butter is poured into pieces, and all are vigorously cut with a knife.

Then pour cold water on a tablespoon - the mixture should be kneaded uniformly. They wrap everything in film, put it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes - not in the freezer.

Then several times they are rolled into a layer, turning the rectangles out of the formation.

After at least 8-fold operation, the finished dough is cut into portions, and in tightly closed bags, they are removed into the freezer.

There is a faster way of cooking pufftest. It is kneaded only from flour and water - a little bit of salt, rolled out a thin layer. On this layer spread a layer of oil, wrapped in an envelope, rolled again. Again, fold - already without oil, roll out. New envelope and new rolling. 8-10 repetitions of the operation - and can be frozen.

Proportions for batch: flour - 2 / butter - 1.

First, everything is prepared in the usual way: they put the spit, mix it. If in the future pies with meat are planned - sugar is added so much to ensure the rise of the sponge.

When the flour mix is ​​mixed, it is given to it to rise halfway, and only then turn into a puff pastry.

Roll out into a layer, lay cold oil, wrap it, roll it out again. The procedure is the same as when preparing a quick puff pastry.

But it is better not to store such blanks in plastic bags, and immediately make the planned products, and already freeze them, as semi-finished products.

Recipes of pastry from puff pastrythis type, set. You can pre-prepare forcemeat and naplepit classic pies or "coal", or cut it with plates and roll in cumin and grated cheese. It can be wrapped in sausages.

The only thing you need to be careful about is with fruit fillings. If they are taken frozen, then the product may burst during baking. A raw apple after freezing may seem tasteless.

If you really want sweet pies, it's better to take small berries for the filling, which will not give a lot of juice when defrosting and baking.

You can defrost by different methods. The simplest thing is to leave a plastic bag for the night with a test of any quality in the refrigerator cabinet, moving it from the freezer - preferably to the lower shelf.

In the morning, open the package on a board or tabletop, sprinkled with flour, and wait until everything has warmed to room temperature. Then you can "work" with it.

If you want to defrost the yeast dough quickly, then the package with it:

  • put in a water bath, constantly turning over so as not to "kill" the yeast, when one side heats up;
  • put in a container with warm water.

To say that defrosting will pass quickly, it is impossible. It will take at least 3-4 hours.

Some impatient housewives put the semi-finished product in a microwave oven. The product is defrosted faster, but its useful properties are lost by yeast.

With a puffed product - bezdrozhzhevym - and semi-finished products from it, problems do not arise.

Everything is simply laid out in an open form on the surface, on which in the future it is planned to make pies. After two hours, the dough is ready for further processing.

The defrosting step is as important as the stepbatch. I would like to bake in the morning - it is necessary to take care of the thawing from the evening, in the evening - to set the dough in the afternoon. Hasty and rash actions can spoil everything, and coveted pies will not work.

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