/ / Is it possible to use expired frozen puff pastry

Is it possible to use the expired frozen puff pastry

But something "pierces" me periodically, I buy a dough, it's for a long time lies in the freezer. and then breaks through again and I "create something".

Here is a dough Talosto lay in my freezer for a long time.

She has a shelf life of 180 days.

And I have been lying since the expiry date of another 9 months!

True, I rolled the dough for a roll. Rolled without problems - no bubbles, no adhesion.

And, incidentally, when rolling out of the "bobbin" (factory, not with cabbage already) nothing cracked, not broken.

- Delayed the role did not play, everything is fine baked;

- the dough can not be rolled out afterwards, but simply after defrosting roll out this roll and cut into pieces;

- rolled into a roll, between layers of film to avoid sticking.

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