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Is it possible to freeze smoked fish mackerel and pink salmon?

Smoked salmon is a tender and tasty dish, butwhich is usually prepared in batches, since it is unprofitable to make a product for one meal. In this regard, the problem arises of storing fish, but so that it does not lose its flavor and aromatic properties. In this article we will look at the ways and terms of keeping smoked pink salmon.

Preparing a batch of pink salmon in the smokehouse and having tastedthis delicious dish, you will still have some more product. There is a problem of its content. So before you the question arises, how to store smoked salmon so that it does not lose its flavor and aromatic properties? Possible methods of content directly depend on the technology of preparation of the product.

Fish can be smoked in three ways:

With any technology of smoking fish processing,it is saturated with smoke, salt and other substances, if they were used. That is, the product receives a certain amount of preservatives. Practice shows that with cold smoking, substances get deeper into the product, and, consequently, it can be stored longer. After hot treatment, a lot of liquid remains in the fish, which makes the dish tender, but, during storage, it is the medium in which the bacteria multiply more intensively.

For smoked fish, the terms of the content are determined in accordance with the method of its preparation:

  • Cold smoked fish. This product can lie up to 10 days without loss of taste, but on condition that it is kept at low temperatures, that is, in the refrigerator.
  • Hot pink smoked salmon. It can be stored for no more than 3 days, also in conditions of low temperature. Optimum parameters: from -2 degrees С to +3 degrees С.
  • Products of semi-hot treatment. This dish will retain freshness and taste for 4-5 days in the refrigerator.

But such terms can not always arrange. Are there ways to store fish for a longer time? It is known that lower temperatures allow to increase the time of permissible freshness of products. We will understand, whether it is possible to store smoked pink salmon and other fish in the freezer.

Cold-smoked salmon you can savelonger if you lower the temperature of the content to -5 degrees C. So the product can lie down to 2 months, but all this time it should be well ventilated. Otherwise, mold will appear on it and it will have to be thrown away. Cold-smoked salmon can be stored for 1 month at a temperature of -30 degrees C. There are humidity requirements in the freezer for this product, it should be between 75% and 80%. Defrost pink salmon should be at a temperature not higher than +8 degrees C. But it is worth understanding that the longer you store the fish, the less it will retain its aromatic and flavor properties.

Important! All smoked products have a tasty, but strong smell that can spoil other foods placed in the refrigerator. Therefore, it is recommended to pre-wrap pink salmon in food foil or polyethylene film. You can do otherwise. Put the fish in a container, for example, a jar or pan, and put a twig of juniper on the bottom.

In addition to the modern method of storing smoked pink salmon in the refrigerator, there are others that our ancestors used for centuries:

  • In the salt. Take water and salt in a ratio of 2/1, donesolution. It needs to impregnate the fabric of natural raw materials. Matter wraps the product. The fabric is wrapped around the top with paper. Convolution should be placed in conditions of low temperature, without temperature changes. For example, in the cellar at the cottage.
  • In the boxes. If you smoked fish while in nature, youyou can save it for a while. To do this, it must be placed in boxes of paper or wood, that is, the material that breathes. Pink salmon should be planted with juniper and limit the access of insects and extraneous smells. Good results are obtained if juniper is used instead of sawdust of wood or croup-cuttings.
  • In the attic. A fine storage place for smoked pink salmon is a ventilated loft. Fish perfectly preserved for a couple of days in tissue bags in limbo.

If you have interesting information on this issue or you know other ways of storing smoked pink salmon, share your experience in the comment block.

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