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Can I freeze fresh fish

Fresh fish are forfeited in storage. To keep fresh fish for 3-5 days, you need:

  • immediately after the catch (purchase) of the fish remove the insides, gills, wash off the blood, then wipe with vinegar and lower for 10-15 minutes into salted water;
  • in the circumcircumferential space of freshly caught fish put: dry, chopped wormwood, thyme, nettle or white bread, soaked in vodka or in wine (such as Rkatsiteli);
  • Fresh fish can be stored for up to 15 days if the carcasses are powdered with salicylic acid powder and wrapped in linen soaked in vinegar;
  • gutted fish can be washed in water and sprinkled with sugar (1 tablespoon per 1 kg of fish), leave for 3-4 hours: the sugar melts and preserves the fish.

Fish should be stored in the refrigerator, be sure topreliminary having cleared from scales and gutted. To keep fresh fish for more than a day, you need to carefully gut it, wrap it for 1-2 minutes in blotting paper soaked in salt water, then in a clean dry cloth and put in a cool place.

Defrosted fish should not be frozenSecondly, since the juice is lost and the taste is sharply reduced. Frozen fish should be wrapped in clean paper or polyethylene film before laying in the freezer.

Raw fish can not be stored near those products,which are used without heat treatment (sausages, cheeses, ready-made salads, etc.). When placing in a refrigerator, fish should be taken into account that the immediate proximity to it of products such as milk, butter, cottage cheese, can give them an unpleasant smell.

Ready fish dish should be placed in the refrigeratoronly after it has cooled down to room temperature. Chilled and steamed fish before placing in the refrigerator should be placed in a bowl, covered with a clean cloth from above.

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