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Can I freeze smoked fish reviews

mackereldefrock (orthodoxy-be silent))), the gills-in the garden, rub it with a large salt-under the yoke for the night-morning we wash off the salt, rub it with spices (without fanaticism), swaddle in twine and hang in the barn podvyatlitsa until evening-evening, put the smokehouse and grease lattice is abundant in oil, ryppku also lubricate with oil, and smoke like a smoky smoke will go-minutes 20

sazana identity was given in cookery recipe-sazanacut from the belly, pull off the giblets-attention-scales are left, we put the bones flat on the trellis-pepper, salt, on top, the onion and tomato, and into the smokehouse for 30 minutes

About the color. Try less sawdust (one handful suffices), moisten them with water before the process, cover the product with gauze, parchment.

Sawdust and must blacken, worse, if the ash remains - then the air came in and they burned, and not smoldered.

In the next smoker there is a pallet for fat, (and in this cone there are supporters and opponents of its use), according to my observations it is useful, because sawdust smoke with its smoke, and not halved with fat.

Instead of a pallet, you can put a trough from the food foil.

> Vopors. How much time do you need to smoke wings? 20 minutes?

I do not have any experience with meat, I only smoke fish.

> The question. I wanted to try to smoke fish (mackerel), but in the shops I see only frozen fish. Where and how do you buy fish? Is it possible to smoke frozen fish (previously unfrozen)?

Do not smoke the defrosted fish, it buitetoo loose. In metro-tsts, Crossroads and Loshana (at least), it usually sells either chilled or freshly-floating fish. Here it is worth starting. Take something carp: carp, carp and so do not make a mistake.

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