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Is it possible to freeze the red fish of cold smoking

Smoked fish is beyond any doubt tasty in freshform immediately after preparation. But, as a rule, they prepare a snack not for one meal, but in large volumes, and you need to know the subtleties of its storage in order to prolong the period of enjoying the delicacy and not to harm yourself with a spoiled product.

Conditions and terms of storage of smoked fish invary considerably depending on which method of smoking was used for its preparation. The product of hot smoking is not recommended to be stored for more than four days. At the same time, such a fish should be wrapped in parchment paper, thus, its aroma will be preserved as much as possible. The product can be stored as on any shelf of the refrigerator, and in another cool, dry room, maintaining a constant temperature of +3 degrees. If the hot smoked fish is identified in a vacuum package, the shelf life can be extended to two weeks.

Another way of longer storagesmoked fish, cooked hot, is wrapping the product with a cloth soaked in a supersaturated solution of rock salt. In addition, such a package must be wrapped tightly with paper. At a temperature of not more than three degrees with a plus sign, such a fish can remain fresh for up to one month.

Cold smoked fish has significantly largershelf life than the product prepared by the hot method, and less demanding of the temperature conditions. But here the moisture of the room in which the product will be located is more important. It should be minimal. For the safety of this snack, you can hang it in an attic in a pantry or closet, well protected from flies, and well ventilated. Smoked, well salted fish can be preserved under such conditions long enough. But here, much depends on the fleshiness of the carcass, on the degree of salting and the temperature in the room. The ideal temperature for storing cold-smoked fish varies from three to seven degrees above zero, but small, well-salted, smoked individuals can remain fresh and at a temperature much higher for several months.

It is most reliable to store fish of cold smoking, as well as hot, in the refrigerator. This is an excellent protection against flies and a constant ideal temperature.

How to store smoked fish at home in the refrigerator?

Before placing the smoked fish in the refrigerator, it must either be wrapped with parchment paper, or by means of a specialadaptations. In the second case, the product will remain fresh much longer and is guaranteed not to absorb the outside flavors. Fish of cold smoking in this case can be kept fresh for several months.

For even more durableput the snack in the freezer. This way it will be possible to store the product for up to one year. Frozen smoked fish will not only need to be thawed, but also warmed, so as to restore its taste qualities to the maximum.

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