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Can I freeze my mammy for fishing

Corn has long been one of the favoritescarp fish treats. This is probably due to the fact that in harvesting, when she was called "the queen of the fields," many grains fell into the reservoirs and there, somehow, they got to feed the fish.

Therefore, catching fish for corn is so widespreadis widespread. In addition to whole boiled or steamed grains, many fishermen familiar with the use of canned corn as a hook attachment use corn porridge - mamaliga.

Initially, hominy - peasant porridge fromcorn flour, which it was convenient to take with you in the field or on the pasture. It was distributed in the southern regions of the country and some former Soviet republics, especially in the Moldavian SSR. Fishermen have improved the recipe for porridge, taking into account such characteristics as density and plasticity, as well as the ability to stay on the hook for a long time.

Almost all carp fish are not indifferent to corn:

Mamaliga for fishing is cooked in different ways, but inMostly all use a recipe, in which wheat is added to corn flour. Wheat flour improves the plasticity of the porridge, it allows not only to cut it, but also to roll balls out of it. Previously, they tried to add a gelatin or cotton wool to the fortress, but the mixture with ordinary flour proved to be the simplest and most popular way to make this bait for fishing.

For the preparation of corn bait, we also need a saucepan and two plastic bags.

The order of preparation of the hominy is as follows:

  1. Fry this and the other flour in a clean frying pan, this will give the future porridge a more pronounced flavor.
  2. Mix both flour in a ratio of three to one.
  3. Constantly stirring, pour in a dry mixture of water until the consistency becomes similar to sour cream.
  4. At the same time, variousflavorings, previously dissolved in water. Such additives as ground seeds or similar loose ingredients can not be used, it is possible to spoil the consistency of hominy.
  5. Ready and flavored mixture is shifted totwo packages - one filled we put in empty, and both carefully we fasten. Two packages are used for strength and as an insurance against accidental rupture.
  6. Put this double bag in a pan and fill it with water so that it covers the bag completely.
  7. After boiling, cook the porridge for thirty to forty minutes. The longer hominy is cooked, the denser it will be.
  8. After the desired cooking time, turn off the fire and let the porridge cool in a saucepan, while water is not drained.

On the pond ready-made porridge can be delivered without removing it from the packages in which it was cooked. And cut it into pieces or roll into balls it will be possible, directly proceeding to catching.

In this recipe, only cornmeal and water are present, and one liter of water is taken per kilogram of flour.

  1. Pour the water into a saucepan and bring it to the boil.
  2. In a thin trickle, pour the flour into the water, while stirring constantly.
  3. After filling all the flour, turn off the fire, and stir before cooling porridge.

From the porridge obtained in the previous recipe, we sculptSmall pancakes thick by one centimeter and boil them in boiling water until ascend. Now from these pancakes you can cut or napipit balls for the nozzle and use when fishing. This bait is well kept on the hook not only in a standing pond, but also on the river.

This bait is hard to call a mummy literally, but the recipe is worth a look:

  1. Take a half dozen large corn sticks and fill them with boiling water until liquid porridge forms.
  2. In the resulting cereal, add 3-4 sugar shortcakes.
  3. We knead the mixture with our hands, adding the crumb of white bread to give elasticity.
  4. At the end, add a drop of honey for flavor.

Mamaliga itself and quite good smell from the point of view of man, and fish taste. However, to enhance the flavor and attract fish during cooking, various additives are added to the porridge, for example:

As mentioned above, all flavors should be diluted in water before adding to the mixture, so as not to break its consistency.

Let us now consider the methods of attachment and bait fromturned out at us hominy. If the bait turned out too dense, then before you start fishing, you need to clean the dough on a board with a clean dry knife on the board.

From softer hominy you can roll balls. It is also desirable to fill the feeders with soft porridge. To attract fish, it is worth dipping the feeder, stuffed with such a bait in the loose mixture. This will give the effect of dusting underwater and increase the success of fishing.

When the feeders are equipped with the "method" of hominy tightlystuffed, and it introduces a hook either completely without bait, or with a pair of grains of boiled corn, and you can also use a foam ball to provoke bait.

How it works?Carp or crucian carp, dissolving the methodical nipple, is sure to be cut by a hook hidden in a bait, or by swallowing the offered grains, or by letting the hook through the gills, like an annoying hindrance.

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