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Is it possible to feed fish with frozen bloodworms?

Motyl is one of the most commontypes of feed for aquarium fish. In general, there is a large number of animal feeds for fish - gammarus, daphnia, shrimp, etc. But butterfish - the feed in this regard is the most universal and suitable for almost all types of fish.

The availability of bloodworms is also his bigadvantage over competitors, since if you can not buy it in the store - it will usually be frozen bloodworm, you can always go and catch it in the nearest lake or swamp :).

Bloodworm is the larva of a mosquito. Mosquitoes usually lay eggs in a natural environment in water bodies (quarries, ponds, swamps). Sometimes even they can breed in our apartments, if there are conditions for this - open containers with water that stand untouched for a long time.

Then, after a while, larvae hatch from these eggs of the mosquito - the bloodworm! Well, after a while mosquitoes appear from the bloodworm - those same mosquitoes ...

In general, you can feed the fish either frozen bloodworm, or the so-called fresh or live.

In this regard, the frozen bloodworm is much more convenient(here we are talking about frozen bloodworm, bought in a store in a special package). Such bloodworm, as a rule, is sorted by size - it can be large, medium and small. At the same time, it has undergone a certain treatment treatment - there is no excess garbage, dirt and foreign impurities.

You just need to choose the size of bloodwormsregarding the size of your fish. It is not difficult to feed fish with frozen bloodworm. If the fish in the aquarium are small, the bloodworm rushes into the aquarium without preliminary defrosting. If the fish are large, it is desirable to defrost the bloodworm a little, so that when it gets into the water, it breaks up into separate worms. Otherwise, a frozen piece of bloodworm can swallow a fish with the biggest mouth :).

The live bloodworm, of course, looks more interesting inThe quality of feed, however, only if this bloodworm is bought from a trusted source or grown at home. The problem is that along with the bloodworm that has not received any treatment (thermal or mechanical), a decent amount of dirt and parasites can be brought into the aquarium, from which it will be difficult to get rid of. If you still decide to buy a live bloodworm for feeding in the market (well, or in the store), we advise you to rinse it thoroughly with boiled water and freeze.

If we sum up all of the above,that it is safest to purchase a blood lob for fodder in frozen form. We advise you to do exactly so that to protect your pets from possible infections to reduce the likelihood of contamination of aquarium water.

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