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Is it possible to salt frozen fish on a ram?

In addition to ram, in this way it is possible to pickle bream,carp, asp, pike, carp, pike perch and some other kinds of fish. Fine fish for salting is enough for 2-3 days, medium - 5-10 days, large - 7-12 days.

Fish weighing more than 600 grams are necessary beforehandprepare for the pickling process. We cut each carcass along along the back, we remove through the incision, the vertical section is made along the back, the head is cut to the middle of the lip (which is on top). Specialists call this procedure a formation.

Next, carefully wash the fish, sprinkle all the cuts with salt and put the "opened" carcasses in layers in a prepared container (backrest from above).

Pour each layer with salt.

With this method of pickling, the need to use the load, and press them down from above.

When the fish is salted, it needs to be wellrinse with cold brine and strung through the gills or eyes on a wire or rope, hang out for drying and drying. Keep the fish well ventilated, the air is warm enough and not wet. If there is no possibility to observe all these conditions naturally, then the premises include fan heaters.

It is not necessary to fill the fish with a herringDry immediately. It is possible to shift for storage in a barrel or other capacity, the size of which depends on the number of fish. For fatty varieties, you can use oppression. Next, a piece of clean burlap, also, it is necessary to moisten in the brine and cover it with a barrel from above. The ideal storage place for such a billet is a cold cellar.

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