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Can I prepare frozen fish in the oven

During the baking process the fish loses a minimum of moisture, anduseful substances do not have time to collapse, as baking is a gentle way of cooking fish, which helps preserve vitamins, Omega-3, amino acids and other nutrients in it. Fish dishes from the oven are low-calorie, rich in protein, which is absorbed almost one hundred percent, and suitable for any meal and any diet. Therefore, the preparation of baked fish in the oven is a very popular culinary technique.

To tasty bake fish in the oven does not need to beAn experienced chef - dishes in the oven actually prepare themselves. Bake any fish: red and white, river and sea, fat or lean. If you bake frozen fish, then before cooking it should be properly thawed: a day before cooking, shift from the freezer to the refrigerator. After thawing, the fish should be cleaned and rinsed well.

There are many ways to deliciously bake fish inoven. Fast, easy and delicious way - bake fish in foil or sleeve. Baked in this way, the fish is cooked in its own juice, and the foil or sleeve prevents the smell of cooking fish from spreading. Bake in foil followed by low-fat fish. Make it even more delicious will help marinade. Lemon juice, salt and herbs (for roasting fish, rosemary, dill, paprika, marjoram, parsley) mix with olive oil and pour the prepared mixture on the outside and inside. However, you can bake fish in foil without spices and even without salt. It is important to remember that the fish should be placed on the shiny side of the foil and wrapped tightly, leaving no holes. At the end of cooking, the foil can be unfolded to brown the fish. Small fish of low-fat varieties are baked at t 180 ° C until half an hour.

Fatty varieties of fish are best baked openmethod - on a grate with a baking tray placed under it with water or in a mold on a cushion of vegetables. Thus, excess fat will be drowned, and the fish will not dry out. Turn the fish during baking is not necessary, for the formation of crust can be watered with olive oil. Prepare for an open baked fish is exactly the same as the fish in the foil. Warm up the oven to 200 ° C, cook for 20 minutes to an hour - depending on the size of the fish, whether you bake whole fish or cut into pieces.

And fatty and lean fish can be tasty and fastbake in the dough. You will need a fish fillet, cut into small pieces and packing the finished puff pastry. Defrost and roll out the dough, lay out pieces of fish in the middle (marinated in the described way 10 minutes) and fold with an envelope, tightly tearing the edges. Bake in the oven for half an hour.

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