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Can I freeze the red fish after salting?

How to store salted red fish? It is necessary to consider the conditions in which the product was earlier. As a delicacy will preserve the taste and benefit, we will tell in this article.

In a salty form the product is purchased by carcasses or incut in vacuum packing. Someone prefers salting fish at home. At the same time, it is important to know both about the correct storage of the product.

Red fish is not only delicious, but also usefulproduct. It is important to preserve as much as possible the necessary for the body acids and vitamins contained in it. With heat treatment it is impossible. The output is found in the saline.

Salt can be salmon, the largesta representative of this variety, and trout, the most fatty of all, and low-fat pink salmon and juicy sockeye salmon. The quality of the cooked will depend directly on the freshness of the raw materials.

Dry pulp (after wetting with a napkin)cut into portions and put in a container deeper. Taking 1 tsp. a large salt for ½ kg of fish and a little sugar, they are sprinkled with fish pieces. Add spices - soy sauce, bay leaf and sweet pepper, put the dish under the press and cover with a film, leaving everything at room temperature for 2 hours.

After removing the surplus salt, the fish is kept in thefridge. Do not wait long without the marinade, which includes vegetable oil, salt, spices, onions and sugar. After 8 hours, the dish is served to the table.

In this form, the product remains usable for about 25 days.

Fish salted carcass is stored for up to 10 days, wrapped in vinegar soaked cloth and food film.

When salted fish is specializedfactory and on the table the product gets in vacuum packing, the term of its stay in the refrigerator with the temperature from -8 to -4 - up to a month and a half. It is important to consider the following:

• the quality of the product deteriorates if, after storage in a refrigerator, move it to the freezer;

• Fish pieces in open vacuum packaging can not be stored for more than a day;

• unused fillets can be kept in the refrigerator in food film for several days.

The shelf life of the product considerably increases,if it is put in the freezer. Large enough pieces need to get rid of excess moisture with a kitchen towel, wrap individually in a food film and fold in a sealed bag. So the product will not spoil about six months.

Experienced culinary experts do not advise keeping the red fish for a long time, as in time its meat is dried and loses its tender taste.

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