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How to freeze hot smoked fish

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There is a direct relationship betweensmoking and freezing fish, when fresh fish must first be stored 22 before the start of smoking. In this case, freezing becomes a preliminary stage of the smoking process. The need for this can arise from an angler whose catch is small and he must keep it until a sufficient number of fish is collected.

When storing fish in the refrigerator storage periodwithout quality changes is limited. It is more expedient to freeze fish in a low-temperature freezer or chest. Fish, placed in such a cupboard, retains its original taste qualities. Thanks to this, the natural taste characteristic of each fish species, but also its nutritional value, are completely preserved, as already mentioned. This is the advantage of this method of protecting against spoilage compared to all others. The process of freezing has already become a kind of science. Before freezing, the fish should be in immaculate condition - the fish should be treated as thoroughly as possible before this step.

On the safety of fish should be taken care of immediatelyarrival at home, and not the day after the fish was lying in the refrigerator at 4 ° C or a freezer at a not very low temperature. It is necessary to gently gut and clean it from scales, as described in the section on pre-treatment. Slime should be washed off under a strong stream of cold water. Then the fish should be immediately placed in the freezer. Freshly caught fish should not "lie down". The faster it will be frozen, the higher its quality will be. There is conservation of the condition in which the fish is located when frozen in a freezer or in a refrigerator.

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