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Is it possible to freeze unbroken trout trout

The brother brought two magnificent fish. One immediately fried, and the second we want to save for the festive table. Can I freeze trout?

On this question without hesitation we give affirmativeanswer. Storage of trout in the freezer saves its nutritional value up to 2 months, during which you can cook delicious dishes from it when you want.

  • The shorter the time interval between catching fish and placing it in the cold, the better.
  • Before sending to the freezer, the carcass is preferably gutted and divided: fins, head, backbone, tail is best kept separate from the fillet.
  • Storage in small pieces allows the fish to freeze evenly.
  • Each serving should be placed in a special bag or food film, after removing the excess moisture from the napkin.
  • Defrost the fish at room temperature is notworth it. The day before cooking, the desired piece is taken from the freezer and transferred to another compartment of the refrigerator, where the temperature is kept within +5 ° C.

Frozen ice cube

The trout fillet is densely wrapped with a film and placedin a plastic container of the appropriate size. The container is filled with water and sent to the freezer. The method provides maximum tightness, which allows you to save valuable taste and nutritional quality of trout until six months. But such a blank takes up more space in the freezer, so it is rarely used at home.

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