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Is it possible to fry frozen fish and how?

Author Svetlana on Oct 28th, 2014 in category Food. You can follow the comments to the entry via RSS 2.0. You can leave a comment or send a trackback to this entry

Not everyone of us can boast of skilldelicious to cook. And even the most good cooks and masters just started with something. Therefore, there is nothing unusual in that certain questions arise. So, for example, it is interesting - can you fry frozen fish?

Honestly, you can fry anything, anything. Another question is what will be the result of this.

If you fry frozen fish, then it will begin to actively allocate water and creep. As a result, instead of a delicious dish, you will get something mushy and taste like a wet cotton wool.

In addition, when fry fish, it is breaded in breadcrumbs or in flour. How can I bottle a frozen product? No way. And how to salt it? Too in any way. So you get unsalted cooked cotton wool.

So do not be too rash - betterDefrost the fish beforehand, and do it right - not on the table in the kitchen, but in the refrigerator or microwave. Defrosting fish is quite quick and simple. But only sometimes it happens that you will buy a frozen fish, and then it turns out that she is almost a hundred years old. As a result, and after defrosting something turns out to be incomprehensible, and it's good if it is not spoiled yet. Therefore, carefully choose frozen foods and preferably take from time-tested sellers. Better still, buy fresh fish. Much more useful and reliable, and there will be no problems with defrosting.

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