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Is it possible to freeze river fish with guts

Fresh fish can not be stored for long. Particularly quickly deteriorate the internal organs, which contain many microbes and enzymes. At the same time, toxic substances are released that can cause poisoning when eating fish, so fish should be cooked on the same day it was caught. But sometimes there is no way to immediately prepare fish. Therefore, it is necessary to talk about how best to preserve the valuable nutritional qualities of fresh fish.

Nowadays it is easy to keep fish in the refrigeratorchambers, but in the old days mistresses coped with this task without any technical means. Here are some ways to save fish from old culinary collections.

The ancient ways of keeping fresh fish

To save the fish for a few days in winter, a piece of bread, soaked in water, was put into her mouth and the fish were covered with snow.

In summer, a glass of vodka or wine was poured into the mouth of the fish,covered it with moss and stored in a cellar. It was believed that live fish is best kept in the water in which she lived, since in well or spring water the fish quickly perishes.

The fallen fish was immediately taken out of the cage, dried from all sides in the sun and hid in a cool place, with nettle, dry sedge, horseradish or black currant leaves.

Fish chilled has a temperature in the thickness of the carcass in the spine from -1 to 5 ° C. Frozen fish has a temperature in the body of the carcass from -8 to -6 ° C.

By types of cutting, frozen fish can be:

- with removed gills and partly with entrails;

- gutted with head;

- gutted without a head,

- with a remote caudal fin;

- cut into pieces (fillets).

If fresh fish are immediately stripped and frozen, thenWithin a week, it can preserve valuable nutritional qualities. The taste of fish depends largely on the correct defrosting. It is best to keep it in the air in a cool place.

Frozen fish can be stored forlong time, but its nutritional value is lower than fresh. The same is observed with salting. Fish at the same time lose a third of the water, it increases the salt content. The loss of nutrients in salted fish is even greater, as it is soaked before consumption.

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