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Can I fry frozen fish on charcoal

You have to choose with your head

If the skin is dull, the ice is all asleep, the tail is bent and there is a cavity in the fish, the sign is that it was thawed and frozen again, and such a fish is worthless. "

Caught on a fishing trip or bought in a storeYou can store fresh fish in the refrigerator for a while, but not more than a day. Before this, gut and clean it from scales, wash it under a stream of cold water and wipe it off. If you put the fish in the refrigerator wet, it will lose its taste, and if unbroken - then it will be very difficult for you to clean it of scales. The latter is best done under the stream of water, otherwise you will do the kitchen so that you will surely get a scolding from your wife.

• Fish must be rinsed before cookinga stream of cold water, and then dry it with a napkin or paper towel. As dry as possible, scrub the carcasses before sending them to the grate: although the fish are supposed to love moisture, but not on charcoal.

In the German kitchen there is the principle of three P: clean, salt, acidify. Any fish, already without scales, gills and giblets,before you start to fry, the German chefs are recommended to rub with salt, sprinkle with lemon juice or a weak aromatic vinegar and let lie down in a cool place from half an hour to two hours. These procedures will add flavor, aroma and "whiten" the fish, help the skin of salmon and carp after the grill to preserve the natural color.

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