/ / You can freeze smoked fish will not lose taste

Can freeze smoked fish will not lose flavor

I will not say about freezing, but it's hot - if the fish looks like a kind of boiled, and cold - if on raw

Complicated. Dense as raw. And experience with smoked fish suggests that the texture is more like a cold smoking

smoked fish before the implementation of the stored and stored - frozen. Morozte, nothing will not be her

we when we buy eel smoked (for a land) it is always frozen) On taste does not influence in any way.

By the way, yes. I did not think about eels.

Here, where I live, the only kind of smoked fish is sold - sliced ​​salmon frozen. Therefore, only this I have been eating for the last few years :) The taste does not change, frost

Believe me, freshly smoked fish and smoked frozen are so different in taste.

Do you think - to give to friends? It is important for me not to spoil :) And who will eat - the second question

Deal with friends - it's up to you. You can cut into slices (if it's dent - then about 5 mm thick) to lightly coat each slice with vegetable oil, put it in a container and into the freezer. There will be "no ice," but nothing - for sandwiches and in general. And it will be possible to weld with this magnificent choder.

I, probably, something I do not understand. The fish are smoked in order to keep it well. Then why should it freeze? Hang somewhere in a dark place, and let it hang.

If it takes a long time

This will not be anything with a dried-up beetroot :)

Are there other options besides freezing? :) It seems there is not. Up what then?

Do not freeze - it will go bad.

When choosing from one version it's hard to make a mistake :) Morozte :)

I can give to friends, let them rejoice :)

Why did I remember how Winnie the Pooh carried a pot of honey to the donkey :) Here's a pot empty, it's a simple thing, it will not go anywhere :)

Friends can not be given away - only friends. Why? Because the question "To give to friends or to eat most" is not set, not so much that outsiders - to yourself, just take how much there and carry. Otherwise it turns out "Eat, it still spoils!"

The taste will not be affected, and the texture will slightly suffer, but not lethal, it will still be edible.

Yes Yes! The texture will suffer, the doctor's sausage will not be reminded, but it's not deadly! :-))

If only it did not look like a texture.

Grisha, why are you so serious ?! :-))

Saveliy, a man asked a question on the case, and I answer the case.

As in Griboyedov:

"When in business - I hide from gaiety,

Coda fooling around - fooling around "

I understand you. And then you would be sober; Yes, I am too. Oh, what a reason is lost.

I froze the fish that I smoked right on the fishing trip.

There is a hot smoking.

The father-in-law liked to bring fish with bags.

Nothing will happen to her in the freezer.

Defreeze only gradually

cut a small piece, freeze-defrost for several hours

and compare the taste of frozen fish and not frozen

My personal experience with frozen smoked fishshowed that if you freeze quickly and defrost slowly (in the refrigerator, and not at room temperature), then the taste of frost does not suffer from cold fish or hot smoked fish. It is not recommended to double freeze, i.e., freeze once already frozen and thawed fish, although with cold smoked salmon, even this took place without deterioration in taste.

We are dry-smoked catfish. It's so much more delicious. Normally dries, does not go out.

No, well, seriously why people offend just like that. After all, not all of our humor is clear)))

I agree; however, about that and wrote.

In fact, I can only agree with you; although I would just give the fish to friends - and they are delicious and I'm pleased for them.

You can believe me - I often have to give something away, it's still that haemorrhoids and often you're still to blame.

Grisha, the "universal" answer was given by I.Irtenev:

"Do not eat chicken with a neighbor

On Mondays and Wednesdays!

But also on other days

Try to eat it alone. "

Saveliy, a man asks if there is a waykeep the product and if we do not answer anything we will not answer it, then the fish will get to friends, and the person will lose the opportunity to collect friends at the table and treat them with smoked fish in 3-4 months. And you would only have to whiten your teeth.

Grisha, what a ***!

Fish hake and other frozen sea bass can be compared with freshly caught sea fish? Frozen yaz and frozen sterlet lose flavor with fresh ones.

I ate only smoked fish for a long time after long storage. To understand the difference, it's enough to try freshly smoked fish.

Saveliy, you were asked whether you can freeze. Do you know where the mouth-feel ends and the flavor begins?

You in Russian give, without equivocation! You have been asked in Russian - you must answer in Russian.

I am a man and I answered in Russian))))

And you answered just as you ask)))

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