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How long can I store frozen fish in the freezer

Everyone knows the usefulness of fish and its need fordaily diet of a person. However, in order to preserve the nutritional properties of the seafood, it must be stored properly. As practice shows, not everyone knows how much to store fish and what conditions to observe at the same time. We will tell you about all the nuances.

It often happens that the landlady, having bought fresh fish,in any way it is not processed, but simply put in the refrigerator to wait for its hour. This is fundamentally the wrong approach. To maintain the fish's nutritional quality, you must strictly follow the rules below.

  • Before you send fresh fish for storage, be sure to gut and wash it.
  • Do not use secondary freezing for the thawed product. It will lose its nutritional value, the fillet will become dry and tasteless.
  • Do not store raw fish near foods that do not need heat treatment: sausages, cheeses or ready-made salads, snacks.
  • Keep carcasses away from milk, cottage cheese and butter. These products easily absorb the fishy smell.

The maximum shelf life of fresh fish infridge - two days. Do not over tighten with cooking. The more fresh the fish, the more juicy and tastier the dish becomes from it. The optimum storage temperature for raw fish is from 0 to +2 ° C. If there is no special area in the refrigerator in which you can set this mode, use a plastic container filled with ice cubes. Place the fish in it and cover with a lid.

Extend the shelf life of raw fish to 2 weekswill help salicylic acid. Rub her carcass, and then wrap it with a cloth soaked in vinegar. It can also be preserved with the help of sugar. Sprinkle the fish with sugar at the rate of 1 tbsp. l. for 1 kg of the product and leave to soak for 3-4 hours.

If you do not prepare fish in the near futureit will be possible, freeze it. In the freezer, it is perfectly preserved until 3 months. Before freezing, be sure to clean the carcass: remove the scales, guts and gills. If necessary, divide into portions.

Prepared for freezing fishplastic bags, tightly wrap and put into the freezer. Remember that the fish should be frozen immediately after the purchase, and not after it lay in the fridge for 2-3 days. Only in this case you will retain its taste and nutritional value.

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Sometimes for a number of reasons there is no way to keepfish in the refrigerator. How to be in this case? Popular wisdom comes to the rescue. Save fresh fish for up to 3 days can be as follows. Clear the carcass from the scales and viscera, remove fins and gills. Wipe prepared fish with paper towels. Rub salt and ground black pepper and place in a well-ventilated cool place.

Fish is about 2 days, not spoiled,if after cleaning, wrap it in a cloth impregnated with a solution of vinegar and sugar. Pre-carcass must be sprinkled from the inside and outside with salt. In the winter, instead of a refrigerator, you can keep fish on the balcony.

Now you know how, how much, where to store thisseafood and what you need to do. Remember: the shelf life of fresh carcass should not exceed two days. If you do not plan to prepare fish dishes in the near future, it is better to immediately freeze the product. In this case, you do not have to worry about its safety, and you can surprise loved ones with a delicious culinary masterpiece when there is a desire and inspiration.

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