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Can I prepare frozen fish without defrosting?

Of course, the faster the fish after the catchcooked, so it tastes better and is more useful. But most often we get frozen refrigerators in the refrigerator. In order for it to thaw and not creep, we recommend to keep it on the bottom shelf of the refrigerating chamber. The easiest way to leave it at night, and then it can be cooked exactly in the morning. If you decide to defrost fish in water, it will not only look untidy, but also lose its taste.

Not completely defrosted fish is easier to clean,so try to do this before the carcass becomes very soft. We advise you to wash fish only in cold water, so you will not spoil its taste and do not deprive of juiciness and smell. But after washing the fish, it is necessary to get wet with a napkin or towel until dry. If you need to remove the fins, then the easiest way is to do kitchen scissors.

For frying fatty fish types - for example,flounder, halibut, salmon. If you want to cook soup or cook a boiled fish, we recommend taking dry species - tuna, pike perch, horse mackerel. And for baking, dorada, hake, cod are perfect.

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