/ / Is it possible to boil frozen fish soup without defrosting

Can I cook soup from frozen fish without defrosting

There is a salmon steak. I want to make soup out of it. Usually I cook from chilled, and then I had to freeze.

You know, I need it, I just realized it. It is necessary to unfreeze everything before cooking - meat, poultry, fish. The fact is that when all this is thawed, it takes less time to cook and the meat (fish) is obtained undigested and more delicious. If the fish is frozen, then while its middle is cooked, outside it will be already overcooked and not so tasty and delicate. And it is also very important to boil fish (fish soup) on a small fire, not allowing a strong boil.

Salmon and trout (not soup) I cook this way: First I cook potatoes until half cooked, then I drain some of the water so that the top of the potato is not covered and put salmon on the top (thawed) and cook further under the lid. It turns fish as a couple. Very tasty, and much tastier than fried.

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