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Can I fry frozen fish

Today, probably everyone knows that whatevernor was the fish - it is a good source of a large number of different nutrients that are so necessary for the normal functioning and development of the body.

Yes, certainly, despite all the advantages andthe usefulness of fish meat, fried fish can hardly be called a dietary dish, but it can be found on almost any festive table, besides, fish, oil (vegetable), spices and salt are just needed to prepare it.

Before frying frozen fish, it is necessary toit will be thawed and it will be more correct if it thaws itself, at room temperature, so it is necessary to get the fish beforehand before cooking. In order to speed up the process of defrosting a little, many fish carcasses are placed in water, but with such defrosting the fish meat will dry out, because of washing out of all important "juices" from the fish.

Completing the thawing, the fish are cleaned fromscales and viscera, which is then sprinkled with black pepper, coriander, marjoram or other spices to your taste and left for half an hour to make it a little prommarinovalas. In principle, all recipes for frying fish are similar among themselves, where in order to get a smooth golden crust on the fish, it must be fried on both sides in a large amount of vegetable oil. Before this, the carcass or a piece of fish should be rolled in breadcrumbs or wheat flour.

It is desirable that the fish is cooked deep-fried,so the oil needs to be poured into the pan so much that about half the piece or carcass of fish is dipping into it. Before frying the fish, turn on the cooker hood, because as a rule, a lot of smoke is released during cooking, with which the falmec hoods do a good job, but you can simply open a window in the kitchen and open the front door slightly, which will ensure air circulation in the room.

After a few minutes of frying the fish in a frying pan on one side, it is turned over to the other side, do not cover the frying pan with a lid, otherwise the crust will not turn out.

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