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Can I freeze bloodworms for fishing in the summer?

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    Freezing of the packing joker

    Motyl is perhaps the most natural food for fish and the nozzle in the form of several moths on the hook fish is unlikely to ever miss.

    But find in the shops bloodworms in the warm seasonit is almost impossible, and all those variants of ice cream moth that sell butterflies are far from perfect as they freeze them after the bloodworm begins to turn black.

    There is an exit. It is necessary to exert a little effort and freeze bloodworms.

    The basic rule is to freeze the bloodworm while it's still alive.

    On this first thing before freezing, bought bloodworm thoroughly rinsed and through a sieve we filter out dead larvae.

    Remain the remaining bloodworm on a fresh dry newspaper.

    There are two ways to freeze bloodworms. For dry freeze we will need to dry the larvae of the bloodworms slightly, otherwise during freezing it can strongly stick to our packaging. To do this, wrap it with a dry newspaper and leave it in the refrigerator for 30-40 minutes.

    Then we lay out the bloodworms in small envelopes, the portion should be such that it could be used up for one fishing, it will not be possible to freeze the bloodworms again.

    If you have Zip packages. You can use them instead of paper envelopes, this way you completely eliminate the adhesion of the larvae to the paper during the freezing. YES and the family will sleep quietly knowing that your worms are stored in sealed packaging)))

    We put our envelopes with bloodworm in a plastic container and send it to the freezer.

    We pour into small capacity for fishing a littlewater and place our frozen bloodworm there. In a few minutes, it will fully cover and be ready for use. In such an environment, the bloodworm will be as alive until the end of fishing.

    I want to warn you not in any way on leave a frozen bloodworm during fishing without water, it will very quickly disappear and darken long before the end of fishing.

    The wet method of freezing is not much different from dry but requires a little more space in the freezer.

    The larvae of the bloodworm are placed in the molds to freeze the ice and pour a small amount of water from the top.

    On fishing, repeat the procedure described above.

    With the help of this non-cunning way of storing bloodworms, we do not have to give up this catching attachment in the summer.

    And we will always be with bream)))) НХНЧ friends

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