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Can I freeze the pearl bar for fishing

  • Perlovka for fishing prescription number 1. The most popular recipe for cooking barley forfishing is very attractive and carp with crucian carp and bream. We take a glass of pearl barley and fill it with six glasses of water. Add sugar and salt. Cook for about twenty minutes and add a glass of millet. Cook on a small fire, stirring constantly, until there is no water left (30-40 minutes). Turn off the fire, add honey if desired, vegetable oil, etc. and leave to insist.
  • Perlovka for fishing recipe № 2. This recipe for cooking pearl barley for fishingMore calculated for catching bream, especially works well after the first cold snap. Bream under the autumn actively feeds, including night time. We take two or three peas, and add six or eight glasses of water. Cook until the peas begin to boil. It turns out something like a soup. Add there a couple of zhmenya pearl barley and cook on low heat for another 30-50 minutes. After that, we insist in warmth. Such a mixture is added to the trough, and the grains themselves can be hooked.

How to cook a pearl barley for fishing - do you need slime or not?

How to cook a pearl barley for fishing - soft or hard pearl barley is better for fishing?

How to cook a pearl barley for fishing - to salt or not to salt?

How to cook a pearl barley for fishing - how much to store?

How to cook a pearl barley for fishing?

To boil or steal a pearl barley for fishing in a thermos bottle?

  • Sugar, salt;
  • Zhmeny melenyh sunflower seeds, add to the rump and cook or steam. Grains acquire an attractive fragrance. After cooking, mix;
  • Vegetable oil. Can be added at the end of cooking. It is better to use unrefined, and even better fresh not fried;
  • Hemp seeds. You can first tell them, and then add a barley, but you can also fall asleep in the water with "pearls" grams of 50-100 hemp, they will have time to boil;
  • Crushed caramel (strawberry, raspberry);
  • Honey. Dissolve in water before cooking. If steamed in a thermos, then shake before infusion;
  • Garlic. You can take a pair of teeth or grated powder. Add to the pan during cooking or in a thermos before pouring. Works great for crucian carp, but not everywhere;
  • Food color (bright yellow or bright red).
After cooking the pearl barley for fishing, there are many ways to add smell and taste to the nozzle:

  • Feed dry bait or bread crumbs. One of the most common methods to improve the attractiveness of the pearl barley. Breadcrumbs or bait grind with grains. It is better to do it on the fishing trip or just before it. Since crumbs take away moisture and dry the pearl barley. Breadcrumbs transfer their smell and adhere well to the grains. In the water they fly off the nozzle and additionally lure the fish.
  • 1-2 teaspoons of honey;
  • Unrefined sunflower oil;
  • Pinch of melted cinnamon;
  • Vanilla sugar;
  • Anise;
  • Corvalol;
  • Raspberry or strawberry syrup. We mix the nozzle in it. Works great for carp and carp;
  • Concentrators for fishing, select according to the fish and season. With them, one must be especially careful and first test a small amount of nozzles.

To fry the barley for fishing, it is better to use a thermos with a wide neck (it will be more convenient to pour out the grains and wash the flask.)

Since the grain is very swollen, we do not cover them with a full thermos. A third must remain empty. Especially this rule applies to thermoses with glass flasks;

Before filling the thermos must be heated with boiling water;

After pouring water, the thermos should be shaken and better left in a lying position;

The more boiling water is poured into the thermos, the quicker the porridge will be cooked.

  • The recipe is how to fry the barley for fishing No. 1. If desired, add the aboveIngredients. We fall asleep in the heated thermos pearl barley, how much it is necessary for fishing, and pour boiling water 3-5 cm above the grains. The nozzle will be ready in 2-3 hours (medium hardness). You can do this in the morning before you go fishing, and you can leave it for all night (6-8) hours, the grains will be more boiled. After the readiness, you can add the above listed ingredients or grate with a feeder bait or breadcrumbs.

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