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How to fry frozen fish so that it does not fall apart

Of course no inhabitant of the water depthswill compare with a freshly caught fish, especially if you caught it yourself with your own handles. But most often we buy fish in the store. Here are the signs of fresh and quality fish:

  • pleasant, not a sharp smell;
  • to the touch, a fresh fish should not be loose;
  • when you press it with your finger, the trace should disappear from it immediately;
  • the color of the fish pulp should not be green or yellow.
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  • Firstly, to make the fish more delicious, it should be kept in milk for a short time before shipment, and then roll in flour and fry in boiling vegetable oil.
  • Secondly, to avoid splashing oil on all walls, floor and your stomach, just cover the frying pan with an iron stool, turning it upside down.
  • Thirdly, if you are not delighted with the sea smell of fish, you can just pour it on slightly lemon juice and leave to lie down on the plate for about an hour, and then send it to a frying pan.
  • Fourth, before you start frying the fish, you should first wipe it with a dry napkin in order to remove excess moisture.
  • Fifth, when frying fish should be salt, pepper, roll in flour or in breadcrumbs, and then send to a hot skillet with vegetable oil and fry on both sides.
  • Sixth, to get a more tender fish, it should be fried in a mixture of vegetable and butter. In this case, it does not burn, and zamryuinitsya very nice and appetizing.
  • Seventh, if you roast a horse mackerel or mackerel, then before roasting, these varieties should be dipped in a beaten egg, rolled in flour, and then placed on a hot frying pan.

Well, and most importantly, for what we started writingthis article. To the fish does not fall apart during the frying, it is recommended to first salt and let lie on the plate for 15 minutes, so that the salt is absorbed, then make a few cuts on the peel, and then send it to the heated frying pan.

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