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Can I freeze steaks of red fish

How to cook frozen fish steaks?

If the fish was frozen correctly, the final product will preserve both the taste and texture of the freshly caught fish. The cooking process will also not be very different.

  1. Rinse the fish in cold water to remove ice crystals.
  2. Wipe with a paper towel.
  3. Fish salted, peppered, add spices, you can throw a sprig of rosemary, wrap and foil or parchment paper and put in the oven.
  4. The cooking time is about twice as long as we prepare fresh fish.

When the fish is almost ready, open the foil, andon top of the fish put a little toasted onions with carrots, a spoonful of mayonnaise and sprinkle with grated cheese. Wait until everything is browned and can be served on the table.

I practically cook everything in the oven. And fish, as well. In addition to spices (I like to pour a lot on fish, and salt and pepper more), yes, I defrost before baking. It is also important to buy high-quality fish, since now there are a lot of pumped fish and colored antibiotics selling steel. To date, I trust fish only. Right at my window in front of their shop, I look out the window, people go to them a lot, they bring in frequent supplies. The seller learned that from the far east brought fish, so there and take.

I prefer steaming fish steaks, andthen I cook any dish from them. You can fry fish steaks, and at the same time cook marinade from carrots, very suitable for fish. Or bake fish in the oven with vegetables. If there is no time to defrost fish steaks, then it is better to fry them in oil in a frying pan on all sides, and then for a few minutes to extinguish under the lid. Most often I serve fish for rice garnish or mashed potatoes, mashed vegetables.

Since all frozen fish steaks that areare sold in our stores, undergo deep freezing, the most important thing before cooking them is to defrost the fish properly. If you want the steaks not to fall apart during the cooking, then they need to be thawed or slowly (you can use cold water), or in a microwave.

Thawed steaks and carefullydry with a paper towel. We put a frying pan with sunflower oil on the fire (pancake) for warming up, and at this time we are stealing steaks in flour or breadcrumbs with the addition of salt. We put the steaks in the preheated oil and fry them on two sides for no more than 15-20 minutes (depending on the thickness of the steak). Turn off the plate and leave the steaks in the frying pan slightly cool, as they will be difficult to remove completely hot, so as not to disrupt their integrity.

Next, sprinkle them with a lemon, sprinkle with finely chopped herbs and onions and serve on the table with the garnish you need.

PS I'll note from myself that I most often do not thaw fish steaks, but put them in the preheated oil in a frozen form - they are obtained with a crispy crust.

I am preparing frozen fish steaks as followsway. I do not unfreeze them. I pour olive oil on a frying pan and fry it on both sides from low heat. After that, it turns out awesome crust, after I top up a little bit of water, cover and cover for five minutes. The main thing is not to forget to salt to taste.

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