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Is it possible to freeze smoked fish in a cold-smoking freezer

There is nothing more delicious prepared by ownwith smoked fish. This wonderful product will be enjoyed not only by family members, but also by guests. Unfortunately, if you do not know how the smoked fish is stored, the product will quickly deteriorate. It is important not only to understand how to keep smoked products, but also how not to let them lose flavor.

Strangely enough, but even someprofessional smokers do not know how the process of storing smoked products is carried out. It is important to pay attention to the temperature at which the product will be stored. Air humidity also affects the duration of preservation of smoked products.

It should be noted that the features of the smoking process completely affect the duration of storage.

Cold smoked fish is considered a product,which can be stored for a long time. The safety of the product is ensured by low humidity, high salt content and bactericidal substances. At a temperature of -3 to -4 degrees, the product can be stored for approximately 55 days. Such a storage period refers to commercial fish.

As for other fish, they do not disappear at the same temperature for 70 days.

It should be noted that the fish with damaged skin deteriorates faster.

It is best to store the fish product inside the refrigerator. Periodically smoked meat should be checked for odor. With prolonged storage, the taste deteriorates.

The hot smoking method allows you to savefish product for 1 month, provided that the product will be stored at a temperature of +5 degrees. It is best to store the cooled product in the attic by hanging it on a rope, first wrapping it with a cloth.

Smoked products are categorically Do not store in a room with moist air. An ideal storage place is the refrigerator. Before storing the fish, it is best to wrap it with foil. In the event that the fish has an unpleasant smell, it must be rinsed with saline solution, and then once again smoked. To fish longer stored inside the refrigerator, it is best to buy it in a vacuum package.

How much is stored smoked fish in the refrigerator

The methods of conservation directly affect the fact,how much fish meat will be fit. The minimum shelf life of smoked fish in the refrigerator is 48 hours. As for the maximum period, it does not exceed 10 days. If desired, the term can be increased to 20 days. For this it is recommended to use a vacuum bag.

Each hostess should know how much is storedhot smoked fish. Fish products will not be lost if the temperature fluctuates from -1 to +3 degrees. The storage period is 3 days. Do not forget about the humidity, which should be at 90%.

Another important factor affecting shelf life is the ventilation of the refrigerating chamber.

It is best to put a smoked product next to itthermometer. So you can monitor the temperature regime, in order to change the shelf life of hot smoked fish if necessary. To do this, you can place pieces of ice under the fish.

Fish products processed with cold smoking can be stored in a refrigerator. Then the storage time will be 8-9 days. Of course, if the freezer is ventilated every 2 days.

Few people know, but storage time is possibleTo increase in 2 times if to place a small fish in a vacuum packing. Of course, it is best to purchase a product already packed in such a container. If desired, the vacuum container can be replaced with a cloth treated with saline brine. If this is done, the storage time will be increased to 15 days.

Quite often, fishermen are faced with suchThe situation when the catch turned out to be small. In this case, the fish are frozen, and the fisherman goes to "hunt" the next day. This situation can last for several days. As a result, a sufficient number of fish will be collected for conservation. The question arises whether it is possible to smoke frozen fish?

It is possible to smoke such fish, but its preliminary freezing should have been quick.

To defrost the fish, it is necessary to use water, the temperature of which does not exceed 10 degrees. It is important to add salt to the water. On 20 kg of fish product takes about 10 hours of defrosting. After thawing should salting and then smoking. Between each step should not take much time.

Many housewives are interested in the question of how to store fishhot smoked in the freezer. In this there is nothing complicated. In addition, the smoked product is allowed to be stored for 2.5 months. To freeze successfully, you must follow a few simple rules:

  • Each fish should be wrapped in thick paper. If there are other products inside the freezer, they should be separated from smoked products with another layer of paper;
  • Inside the freezer, the temperature should benot higher than -20 degrees. A similar temperature regime can only be found in new refrigerators. As for the old models, their temperature seldom drops below -6 degrees;
  • A freshly smoked fish is subject to frost. If the product has lain inside the refrigerator for several days, it should not be frozen;
  • It is strictly forbidden to freeze and thaw the fish product several times.

If everything is done correctly, the fish that could be smoked will not lose its taste for 80 days.

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