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What you can cook from frozen fish herring

What can I cook from frozen herring? Many believe that this fish is suitable only for spicy salting, and you can eat it with boiled potatoes or use for herring salad under a fur coat. This ends the fantasy of many mistresses. However, a fairly cheap fish is able to reveal its palatability in a variety of dishes that we are accustomed to cook from more expensive species of waterfowl. Today we will tell you how to make deliciously freshly frozen herring in an oven and multivark, in a frying pan. Every recipe is worth attention.

For girls who want to lose a couplekilogram to the beach season, this recipe will become a real find. It is ideal because the fish will be cooked without adding oil, which when fried fills the dish with additional calories and carcinogens.

In order to prepare a simple, but verytasty and juicy dish, you need to take one fresh-frozen herring, you can even not thawed, cleaned from the entrails and remove the head, cut into the required number of pieces.

The second mandatory ingredient is a large headonions. If you do not like this root crop, cut it in large pieces, which can be easily removed from the plate. In the other case, it is necessary to cut thin semirings. The ingredients of the future dish are placed in a deep frying pan, a little salt, add a mixture of peppers or seasoning for fish dishes. Top with a quarter of a cup of water, if the herring is not thawed, then a little less.

Cover with a lid, cook over medium heat for twenty minutes. Do not open the lid during cooking.

As a garnish for this fish is ideal for boiled rice or mashed potatoes.

How to cook freshly frozen herring for a festive table and surprise guests? First, the dish should be beautiful. Secondly, very tasty.

How can you make fresh-frozen herring inoven, so that it corresponds to the prescribed rules? To begin with, it is necessary to separate the fillet from all bones so that the skin remains practically whole. To do this, cut the carcass along the back, spread the resulting on the cutting board. Gently remove the bones and entrails, the fillets need not be kept intact, it will need to be scrolled through the meat grinder.

Rinse your skin, let it dry, and at this timecook the rice. Mix the scrolled fillet with rice (in a 1: 1 ratio), salt and pepper, wrap in leather, wrap with foil, bake in the oven at 180 degrees.

Prepare the prepared dish from the foil, let cool. After that, cut the pieces so that the bottom remains uncut. In between the pieces, insert a ring of lemon.

The resulting dish will look beautiful on the table, it does not dirty your hands. It is not necessary to warm up such fish, it will ideally descend for a cold snack.

How to prepare a freshly frozen herring in an oven,so as not to waste a lot of time? To do this, take a medium-sized fish, defrost it, cleanse it from scales, entrails, fins and, if desired, remove the head. Prepared carcass is well washed, remove excess moisture with a paper towel.

On the baking sheet you need to lay the foil, a little bit of itgrease with vegetable oil. Put the fish on this foil, grate it well with fish seasoning, sprinkle with lemon juice (half a lemon for one fish). You do not need to cover the herring with foil, put the baking tray in the preheated oven to 200 degrees.

Baking time - half an hour. By readiness the fish will turn rosy, juicy and surprisingly fragrant. You can decorate with lemon slices or "curls" peel and serve on the festive table.

For a family dinner and a reception this dish is ideal. Plus it is that you do not have to separately prepare a side dish, it will not be too high-calorie, but very tasty.

You will need three freshly frozen herrings, three hundred grams of potatoes, two hundred grams of carrots, a bulb, favorite seasonings, two tablespoons of mayonnaise (sour cream), salt.

We clean fish from the viscera, scales and fins, cut into pieces. Vegetables are washed, cleaned and cut into circles.

In mayonnaise (sour cream), seasonings should be added andsalt, half of the resulting sauce to grease pieces of fish, the second half - vegetables. On the baking sheet we make a sleeve for baking, put fish in the center, and at the edges vegetables, alternating pieces. We pack well, so that the juice does not evaporate, splitting the edges of the sleeve with clips. This dish is baked for about an hour. When ready, the sleeve must be cut carefully so that the juice does not pour out. The dish is laid cooked fish and vegetables in the form in which they were baked, everything is poured on top of the baked juice when baking.

How to cook freshly frozen herring with champignons? There is nothing easier! In order to fill the carcass with mushrooms, we clean them from the viscera and scales, it is advisable to leave the head so that the juice does not leak.

Two fish will need a hundred grams of freshchampignons, cut into cubes, grated boiled egg, a little shallot, a bunch of parsley. Mushrooms, eggs, onions and herbs are mixed, salt, we fill the resulting mixture with herring.

On the baking sheet, a foil of this size,so that it can completely cover the fish. On the surface of the foil overlay a layer of a mixture of 50 grams of butter and a teaspoon of chopped horseradish. Fish on top are rubbed with salt or seasoning, densely packed in foil. Bake it for 35-40 minutes at 180 degrees in the oven.

A simple and tasty dish can be made from fish. How to cook freshly frozen herring to make it crispy? To do this, you need very few products that are available in the refrigerator of each house.

Herring fillets must be sprinkled with lemon juice,let it brew for an hour. After that, salt, roll the pieces in flour, and then in the beaten eggs. On a large amount of vegetable oil, grill the fillet to a ruddy peel in a pan, then bring it to its full capacity in the oven for 20 minutes.

Serve such a herring can and with mashed potatoes, and boiled rice, and with a vegetable salad.

Herring belongs to the category of available products,but with the correct preparation of its taste qualities are not inferior to expensive fish. What can I cook with freshly frozen herring in a multivariate? This question torments many mistresses. We offer to consider several recipes.

For simple cooking, you will need to peel the herring from giblets, fins and scales, cut the desired amount with chunks.

In the baking mode fry until golden browngrated carrots and thinly sliced ​​onions. We put one half in a separate bowl. Chunks of salt fish, if desired, add seasonings for fish, add them to the multivark on top of the fried root vegetables. From the top, grease the herring with sour cream, cover with the second half of the carrot and onion fry. Top with rings we add tomatoes.

Cook the dish for an hour in the extinguishing mode.

Recipes of how to prepare fresh-frozenherring in the multivark, there is a huge variety. Of all, we chose the methods by which the dishes are very delicious, they can be served even at the festive table. Among the variety of recipes stands out one very simple, but the fish turns out simply amazing.

For cooking, you need a freshly frozenHerring, peeled and cut into pieces. A small head of onions is cut into rods, added to a bowl with fish. From the lemon we squeeze out the juice (one tablespoon of juice is required for one fish), salt is added, two large spoons of mayonnaise, olive grass. It takes about an hour to marinate in the refrigerator fish, then put it in the multivark, half an hour to cook in "steaming" mode.

Many people do not know how to make herringfreshly frozen in a multivark with the use of foil, since it is believed that the foil is used only for baking in the oven. This is not true. Dishes cooked in foil preserve all the juice and flavor, the maximum amount of vitamins.

For the preparation of delicious herring will be neededtomato, onion, sour cream and lemon. Fish cut into pieces that seem more acceptable, neatly stacked pieces, rubbed with salt, on foil, watered with lemon juice. On top are the rings of onion and tomato, smeared with sour cream.

The contents are well packaged in foil so that the juice can not flow out. We put the multivark on the baking mode, we prepare half an hour.

To not spend a lot of time oncooking, but to cook a delicious and hearty dinner, a multivark is an indispensable thing. How to cook freshly frozen herring with potatoes in a "pot for lazy"? It's very simple and fast.

Herring must be cleaned, you can cut it simply with chunks, or you can apply only the fillets. In the second variant, a plus prevails: you do not have to get your hands dirty during meals.

At the bottom of the pot laid out cut intoquarter potatoes, circles - carrots. Vegetables need a little salt. Above is laid out the fish, grated with salt. The contents are filled with a glass of water (for two fish and six medium potatoes), the multivariate is switched to baking mode. The dish will be completely ready after forty minutes.

How to cook freshly frozen herring to make it "smoked"? To do this, you need to use such cunning as "liquid smoke".

It is desirable to clean the fish so that in itcompletely missing bones and skin. The fillet is rubbed with seasoning for fish dishes, salt and "liquid smoke", the pieces are added in a bag for baking. The prepared package is laid out in a bowl, designed for steaming. The "steam" mode is set, at least five glasses of water should be poured into the multivark. After twenty minutes, the delicious "smoked" herring will be ready.

Fish should be cooled, served with boiled potatoes, stewed vegetables.

Today we shared how to cook deliciouslyfreshly frozen herring in the multivariate and oven. These dishes can please the guests, feed the whole family and do not spend a lot of money on the fish. Only all diligence will be wasted if the herring is stale.

При выборе первым делом обратите внимание на gills. They should have a bright scarlet color, in no case be pale. The skin should look moist and shiny. When you press your finger on the fish, the skin simply has to remain whole and flatten out immediately when the pressure is stopped.

All masters have different masters. You may need to turn the pieces, put on a lower power, add more water.

All recipes, which describe step by step howcook freshly frozen herring, tested, the dishes are really delicious and fragrant. We hope that each of the owners will at least once use one of the described methods of preparation. Bon Appetit!

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