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Is it possible to freeze unrefined fish

How to freeze fish to store in the freezer? Is it better to freeze completely or by pieces?

How to unfreeze frozen fish correctly?

Fish can be frozen in many ways, it all depends on what you do with it: a whole uncleaned, whole gutted, chunks.

If you have fresh fish or want to freeze previously thawed fishit is better to pre-gut it andclean. But you do not need to wash the fish in the water (do not dip it directly into the water) and wipe it, otherwise the next defrost will break your fish. Next, it is better to lubricate the fish with a small amount of vegetable oil. And each fish is frozen separately, before wrapping it in food film or foil.

If you have a large fish (cod, salmon, etc.)) and you want to put it on long-term storage in the freezer, then it is permissible to cut it into steaks. Steaks are also better to be greased with vegetable oil before being frozen and wrapped separately in food film.

If you have The fish is already frozen and you just want to remove it for long storage, then you can sprinkle it on top of a smallthe amount of water and put in the freezer frost, get it turned, again sprinkled and put back into the freezer. Thus, you create a kind of icy glaze, which will help to keep moisture inside the fish and will not allow it to become very frost-bitten.

Fish fillet at home, it is better not to freeze, because after defrosting, it will become dry and all the "juice" will lose. But perfectly tolerates the freezing and defrosting - fish minced meat.

Defrost the fish better in deep dishes inside the refrigerator. If you do not have time for such a long defrost, you can defrost at room temperature, but you must cover it (otherwise the top of the fish will dry up). And already completely in extreme cases, the fish is thawed in cold water, while it is better to add a small amount of salt to the water. But it is worth saying that not all fish will survive the "water" defrosting.

Steaks fish before cooking it is better not to completely unfreeze (if you freezed them yourself), leave them slightly "frozen".

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