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Is it possible to freeze bloodworms for fishing in the freezer

When, at the end of the fishing period, the fisherman has a stock of bloodworms, fishermen often do not know how to deal with an expensive bait, which almost does not survive until next season.

But there is a way that allows you to keep the bloodworms in a frozen form, which is often used by aquarists.

For this, we will use containers in whichfreeze food ice in the refrigerator. Each cell is filled with a bloodworm, filled with water, but so that the bloodworm does not become frosty, it does not turn black. The cassette with bloodworm remains for three hours in the refrigerator, and after the cubes with frozen bloodworm are placed in a plastic bag, which is then placed again in the freezer, storing that long period when you need this bait.

Any capacity or cassette is suitable, if nottraditional capacities for ice cubes. Defrosting bloodworms when the season comes, you will see that it has preserved its original appearance. Aquarists use an ice cream joker as a food for fish, throwing it into an aquarium still frozen. Fishermen take the required number of cubes and soak them, after defrosting the water with the bloodworm poured into the bait, thoroughly mixing.

To the crook of bloodworms did not retain buoyancy, anddrowned in the hole, it is necessary to add one second of the sand before freezing. The main requirement in this case, the sand should be absolutely clean. And then the cubes with frozen bloodworm can be thrown into the hole or immersed in the bottom in the trough. A large bloodworm can also be stored in a similar way and then used as a nozzle.

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