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Is it possible to freeze salted pink salmon fish

Most people get frozenpink salmon, because they live far from the sea. Salted pink salmon is a very tasty and healthy product, which is not difficult to cook at home.

The meat of pink salmon differs in plasticity andprotein saturation. For a specific color of meat pink salmon was called "pink salmon". The presence in the meat of a large number of fatty acids makes pink salmon one of the most beneficial fishes.

Gentle and elastic texture of pink salmon meat allowsquickly absorb the salt. The preparation of pink salmon at home can take no more than 24 hours. To start cooking fish should be immediately after its defrosting.

It is recommended to purchase fish that lacks the insides and head. In fresh pink salmon, the pink belly has a pure pink hue, and the tail is not curved.

It should be noted that in 85 grams of slightly salted pink salmon there are 10 grams of excellent fish oil.

Fish meat is characterized by a slight bitterness and this factor must always be taken into account in the process of salting. The presence of salt will minimize bitterness, and sugar and spices will give the meat of the fish a subtle taste.

The following seasonings can be added to pink salmon meat:

There are several options for salmon salmon:

  • sugar, present in the brine, is able to give the dish a piquant taste;
  • for cooking with butter, it is better to use ordinary vegetable oil;
  • if during the preparation of pink salmon it is covered with a load, then it will start to give off the juice;
  • the use of powdered sugar will make it possible to get a more delicate taste;
  • for salting is suitable only stone (coarse) or sea salt;
  • It is desirable to prepare pink salmon in a glass, ceramic or plastic container.

Interesting! In 100 grams of salted meat is 19% of vitamin A.

It is necessary to thaw the frozen carcass of fish naturally, without forcing this stage. You can remove the skin of the fish before cooking, although most recipes are designed for pickling with the skin.

Salted pink salmon is considered a delicacy, therefore toThe process of pickling must be taken with all seriousness. Before its preparation the head, fins and bones are removed. Therefore, salty is subject only to the flesh of the deliciously salty pink salmon meat. After proper cutting, two pieces of fish meat should be obtained, called fillets. Other recipes require smaller pieces of fish.

As already mentioned, there are several ways to prepare salted pink salmon. Here are some of them:

  • Lightly salted pink salmon. This method involves keeping the pink salmon meat for a short time in a salt solution.
  • Salmon with spicy salting. To the solution of salt add all kinds of spices and aromatic herbs.
  • Pink salted salted. Fish simply rubbed with salt or salt with sugar, without the use of water.
  • Salmon roast salted in oil. The basis of the marinade for cooking pink salmon meat is vegetable oil.

After freezing, the pink salmon texture losespart of their qualities due to the appearance of ice in the tissues, which slightly soften the fresh product. When cutting a carcass, one should pay attention to how easily the tissues are separated from the bones. If the bones are easily separated from the meat, then the carcass was subjected to several processes of freezing / defrosting. Naturally, such meat will not allow to obtain a quality final product. If the process of separation of bones has not been so easy, and the meat is tender and elastic, then it is possible to start the salting process. The bigger the carcass, the meatier the fillet and the easier it is to cook it.

A simple cooking recipe is simplerubbing the salt and sugar mixture into the pink salmon meat. In this case, salt should be taken 2 times more than sugar. The mixture does not need to be pitied. This means that the meat should be processed abundantly and thoroughly.

After this, the fish is placed in the refrigerator for oneday. The concentration of salt and sugar is prepared depending on the degree of salinity. The less salt, the more salty the product will be. But it is also very important to keep the proportions with sugar. Cooked on a similar technology fish is saved for a short time.

The simplest recipe presupposes the presence of fish andsalt. In the dishes of glass or ceramics pour salt, about 1 cm ball and lay the fish fillet skin down. From above, the meat of the fish is also sprinkled with salt. After this process, it is better to put the fish in the refrigerator, but before that:

  • cover the fish with a lid;
  • put a load on the fish fillets;
  • or to lay a fish fillet with a culinary film.

Fish is cooked for 24 hours. This technology is the basis of all recipes.

Japanese salted pink salmon with sea salt. The cooking technology is as follows:

  • Hefty pieces of fillet, with skin removed, are dried with a paper towel.
  • The same pieces of fillet abundantly sprinkled from all sides with sea salt and placed in 3-4 layers of paper towels.
  • In this state, the fish are placed on a sieve, and a vessel is placed under the bottom.
  • All this is placed in the refrigerator for one day.

The Japanese believe that sea salt makes meat more natural, natural, with a specific gentle pink color.

It should be recalled that the longer the fish keeps in the salt composition, the more it will be the salt. Therefore, it is not recommended to grease fish more than 3 days.

In addition to the usual, simple salting of fish, there are options when sugar is added to the salt and spices. The following way of preparation of pink salmon is suggested:

  • From the carcass the spine and other bones are removed.
  • The fillet is divided into two parts.
  • Meat is processed from all sides by a mixture consisting of salt, black pepper, sugar, chopped dill and parsley. From above you can put a few leaves of laurel and pour lemon juice.
  • Put one piece, and on top of the other.
  • Hold the fish for a couple of days in the fridge.
  • After this period, the fish must be cleaned of excess salt and seasonings.

Need to know! To fish evenly soaked with lemon juice and spices, it must be turned 2 times a day.

In this recipe, replace the lemon juice with vinegar, and pepper, with the grain mustard.

"Wet" salting involves the presence of a saline solution with spices, cooked in water. It is prepared as follows:

  • In the dishes, pour up to 2 liters of water and bring to a boil.
  • 2 bay leaves, 70 grams of salt, 1 hour spoonful of peppercorns are added to the water.
  • All this is cooked for 10 minutes.
  • After the broth cools down, it is filtered.
  • Pieces of fish are flooded with this compound.
  • They put it in the refrigerator for one day.

In this amount it is possible to pickle up to 5 kg of fish. If the carcass is less (about 3 kg), then the number of components should be reduced by 2 times.

The pink salmon's meat is not very fatty and has slightlybitter taste. Make the meat more fat allows vegetable oil. If you use it in a recipe, then pink salmon is unlikely to be distinguished from salmon.

  • Water should be boiled, and then cool and add 5 tbsp. spoons of salt.
  • Defrosted fish are cut, with the removal of all bones and cut into pieces, up to 4 cm wide.
  • Cut the fish into the brine for ten minutes.
  • After that, the meat of pink salmon is placed in glass or enameled dishes and poured with vegetable oil.
  • Oil filled fish is installed in the refrigerator for about forty minutes.
  • If the fish is not completely brine, then every 15 minutes, the pieces should be turned over.

As a result of such actions, a finished product is obtained, which according to taste and color corresponds to the salmon. In this case, you need to take a carcass weighing up to 1 kg.

If as a result of salting pink salmon, the fish will turn out very salty, then it can be soaked in ordinary water.

Salted pink salmon is perfectly combined in the compositionsalads, cold snacks, sandwiches and tartlets. Not only does the pink salmon get very tasty, it is also very useful. Home salting guarantees high quality of the final result, since the recipes do not contain various flavors and preservatives, which cause significant harm to human health.

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