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Is it possible to freeze red fish repeatedly?

Freezing food is a great way,to always have food on hand and not to go to the grocery store at the last minute. It also helps us not to translate products and expand their reserves.

We all very often do one thing: we get food from the freezer, and then safely forget about them. And that's why we send it back to the freezer. But there are products that are not intended for re-freezing, and I will tell you about them today.

Low temperatures destroy the cell wallsproduct that you are freezing. That's why the taste of frozen food is not as good as fresh. For the same reason, they are not as expensive as fresh ones, especially for meat and seafood.

What happens when you freeze the product a second time

When you freeze, defrost and again freeze, more cells are destroyed, and the integrity of the product changes.

Another enemy is bacteria. In unfrozen foods, they will develop much faster than fresh ones. Naturally, we can not see this, so most people just brush it off, but the threat is real. After the ice crystals disappear from your products, bacteria begin to multiply inside.

Freezing and defrosting is a problemyour safety. Therefore, for restaurants and grocery stores there are restrictions that are designed to protect you. If you apply them in your own home, you can ensure the safety of your family.

It is best to cook or use whatyou defrosted immediately, and if necessary, freeze the finished product. However, there is not always time to do this. If you are in a hurry and argue with yourself: put the defrosted product in the freezer or not, keep in mind - there are five products that you should never refreeze.

It's meat, poultry and seafood. If you defrost them in a refrigerated environment (that is, at a temperature such as in a refrigerator), you can safely freeze them again. But if they are unfrozen on the kitchen table, and they have changed color or smell, then the repeated freezing is prohibited.

Do not forget that many seafood, especiallyshrimp, are delivered to the grocery store frozen, but in the cabinet they are defrosted. Thus, they have already passed the first freeze, and if you decide to buy them, it is better to cook at once, and not put in your own freezer.

If you left it at room temperature,it was better to completely defrost it and drink it as a cocktail. Once frozen, it will have a strange ice texture.

In fruit products, fermentation takes place faster than you think, so if you thought it was a thawed syrup, you'll have to make another cocktail from it.

Stew, pasta and pies are not allowed.re-freeze if you have already prepared them. After all, it's cooked and ready to eat, and it's the simplest kind of homemade food, so why not eat it right away.

Freezing the remains of fried chicken - this is not such a great idea, as it may seem at first glance. It is better to call friends and prepare it for everyone, because it should not freeze.

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