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How to freeze bloodworms for fishing

The bloodworm is a vermiform larvamosquito-long-legged. Motyl is the favorite attachment of most anglers. As a rule, all fish peck with greed for bloodworms. Joker can be seen from afar, its red color especially attracts fish, and besides it the fish feels familiar booty in it. Joker can be found almost at any time of the year, not only in rivers, but also in ponds, because the bloodworm loves to live in mud, where it is scooped out with a sieve or with the help of other shells, and then washed.

Fishing pole for fishing

Any fisherman can confirm that fishing angler is a real "munition"! Without bloodworm fishing, especially winter - this is not fishing. Talk about the various virtues of bloodworms can not be an hour, but the most important thing is that an ordinary worm and bloodworms are the best baits. A real angler has two thoughts in his head: how to catch a large fish and where to get bloodworms. And by the word "get it" is meant not only an independent wash-up, but also its purchase.

You can buy bloodworms in fishing stores,or buy from enterprising anglers who combine useful with a pleasant and often sell bloodworms on fishing. But, regardless of how exactly the bloodworm was extracted, every angler sooner or later thinks about the question: how to store bloodworms? If this issue is not paid enough attention, then instead of calm fishing you can get real stress, from the sight of dead and unfit for fishing anglers.

The basic principle of storing bloodworms is,that the larvae are contained in a nutritious and humid environment at a low, but non-minus temperature, from 0 to +8 ° C. For storage, the lower shelves in household refrigerators, or, in the cold season, balconies, can approach. It should be ensured that there is no excess moisture, as the larvae may suffocate. Below are methods how to store bloodworms at home.

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It is necessary to take three newspaper pages. One sheet should be moistened and put between the other two. Then on the third sheet should be put in a small layer, about 5 mm of the larva and wrap the sheets. After that, wrapped paper should be identified in a cool place. This operation must be done every day, removing the dead larvae.

Storing the bloodworm in the newspaper

The procedure is similar to that when stored in newsprint. Only a rag should be washed every day under hot water and squeezed, but so that a small amount of moisture remains.

Potatoes cut in half or cut offthe tip, the thickness of which is 1.5-2 cm. In the first variant, from both halves, and in the second one, from the part that is larger - the core is cut out, so that there are 1 cm-long walls. The bloodworms must be put in the cavities and parts of the potatoes, The larvae will be stored. Storage should take place in a cool place, should be washed daily potatoes.

Storage of bloodworms in raw potatoes

On average, for 50 grams of bloodworm one will need onepotatoes of medium size, which should be cleaned and grated on a large grater. Mass, which turned out, should be wrung out and spread on the gauze with a thin layer. On top of the same thin layer it is necessary to lay bloodworms and cover with a new layer of squeezed potatoes, then the gauze should be wrapped and stored in a refrigerator.

For this method of storage, take a headfresh cabbage, squeeze three or four leaves and put gaps in the gaps. Then head out to a cool place. Kochan should periodically check and find out whether a rotten smell emanates from him, which is a sign of bait damage.

Pretty good way to store bloodwormsis its storage in a hot tea. A small amount of tea leaves should be placed in a moistened gauze cloth, and then a bloodworm is added there. It is noticed that with this method of storage the larvae last longer, but it is somewhat difficult to extract them from such a mass.

This method also gives good results. A filter is made of gauze, which would let in even the smallest grains, while larvae would be delayed. In a flat vessel, which has low sides, for example, a photographic frame, it is necessary to pour a layer of 1-2 cm of sifted sand, then pour water, so that the water level exceeds the sand by 1-2 cm. After this, the bloodworm should be poured into this vessel . Live and energetic larvae burrow into the sand, and the dead and weak float to the surface, so they need to be removed. Before you go fishing, sand should be sifted through the filter - grains of sand through it will pass, but the bloodworm will be delayed. Water should be changed once in 2-3 days.

The vessel must be tightly closed with a lid. At the bottom of this vessel, larvae should be disintegrated and slightly moistened with a hand or spray. Then the container must be tightly closed with a lid and placed in the refrigerator for storage. In such a vessel an oxygen-rich medium is formed, in such a moist environment, the larvae persist for a long time.

For this method of storage, it is necessary to makeCapron sack and put larvae in it. The bag is placed in the drain tank so that it does not touch its walls. With each drain, the water will be updated. Another positive thing is that such water is cool enough. In the cold season, the bloodworm can live up to one month in the drain tank.

Joker can be stored for a month, withthis, without spending a lot of time on his departure. In a conventional, foam plastic, or wooden motel, put a piece of slightly moistened foam, and on top of him put the bloodworm.

Styrofoam motel

You can use a simple foam thatdesigned for washing dishes. It is necessary to cut foam rubber a small thickness the size of a box, and then put it inside. Foam ensures a constant humidity. In this case, the bloodworm does not dry out, but it does not fill with water. Foam should be moistened once a week. This motel must be stored on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.

The third part of the thermos should be pouredice. Then it is necessary to put a nylon bag there, which will be filled with bloodworm. Once every three days, the formed water in the thermos must be drained, and there a new ice should be laid there.

It is necessary to take a jar and an awl or a naildo as many holes as possible in it. You can also use a drill. After the holes have been made, the sharp ends inside the jar should be rounded, or sharpened with a file, or emery stone. This should be done in order to remove the bloodworm from the jar, do not hurt your hand. After that, the jar needs to be wrapped in gauze cloth in several layers and lowered into cold running water. Cold water provides long-term storage of bloodworms.

Storage in a tin

The most radical way. Joker must be washed, dried lightly, and then frozen in the refrigerator freezer. For example, mosquito larvae can be placed in the cells of ice molds, then they must be filled with water and wrapped with oilcloth. A mold with a bloodworm is placed in the freezer. Storage in a frozen form helps maintain the nutritional properties of larvae for several weeks. After thawing, the larvae should be used as soon as possible.

Storage of bloodworm in frozen form

So, now you know how to store bloodworms inhome conditions. Summarizing, we can conclude that the correct storage of bloodworms is somewhat troublesome business. But on the other hand, when going on fishing, you are hardly likely to forget this bait at home. Therefore, you do not have to be disappointed and annoyed to watch how the fishermen pull one fish after another.

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