/ / It is possible to carry frozen fish in hand luggage

It is possible to carry frozen fish in hand luggage

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Today I want to talk about how I carriedfish in the luggage of the airplane. Fish, of course, a food product, not all food can be transported. Well, it goes without saying that we were not carrying fresh fish on the plane, but smoked and salted.

Our friends, whom we went to visit live in Israel, and we ourselves are from Ukraine. They just do not have our fish in Israel, so we bought a salted taranka and a smoked bream and went to visit.

Salted fish, which we carried in the luggage of the airplane

To be honest, the fears were that they would not miss the fish. Yes, and it had to be packed in several packages, so that there would be no smell and all the things that were lying in the bag were not worn away.

So, we took the fish, put it in the bag, thenwrapped in paper, and then another and wrapped with scotch tape. In order not to confuse, to whom, what hotels. I wrote all the names of the people who sent the gift from my homeland to all the packages.

How to pack a fish in a plane

And now it's time to check. We flew from Kiev with the company El-Al. Even before the flight, I was scared that employees of this company are very scrupulous about checking things and everything that you are carrying. Literally, they take out every thing from the bag and look, ... no matter how sad it sounds, but that's exactly how it was. When the customs officers took out all the products that we had in the bag, they carried them to a closed room for scanning, it was possible to understand that there were fish in these packages, it was possible only when viewed on a scanner.

Checking bags on the scanner

And then I stand, and the inspector is sent to methis fish and says: "Do you take this fish?" - I say, well, yes, and she told me: "And they signed what for?", I ate-eli could explain what she signed, so as not to confuse which fish to whom, since we have many friends and so on. Well, so we went through customs with our fish.

And before that somehow rode, so too fish and meatthey drove, but no one checked anything, just skipped everything. Therefore, it is possible to carry fish in the airplane in luggage, but when you pass the check, you can ask questions, of course. So be ready, explain to whom and why you are bringing fish across the border.

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