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Can I freeze dried fish

So, let's consider the basic methods of storing this delicious product at home:

  • in a room, in a suspended form;
  • in the freezer;
  • in a drawer or basket;
  • in a tin.

Fish, which you are going to for some time to send for storage, must necessarily be freshly prepared and of high quality. In no case should it be:

  • traces from damage by microorganisms;
  • mold;
  • oxidative processes.

In case of detection of such flaws, the product must be discarded, because neither immediately nor later can it be eaten.

After the proper quality of the product has been selected and purchased, you should immediately begin the process of preparing it for storage.

It is important to remember that such a fish can not be placed in polyethylene, because in this case, it will soon appear mold, and it will become unsuitable for consumption.

The considered method is most suitableowners of private houses that have an attic or a barn, but in principle, for this purpose you can use even the balcony of an ordinary apartment. So, take the fish and in order that it does not dry up, wrap it in several layers of paper. After that, hang the resulting bundle in a suitable room. It is important to remember that the chosen room should be quite cool and dark, except that the humidity should not exceed 70%.

That the product does not lose its originalquality, at home, you can put it in the freezer. It will be correct to pre-wrap the fish with several layers of plain paper. Then, as necessary, you need to cut off the required amount, and the rest of it should be sent to the place. Using this method, you can ensure the safety of the product for 6-10 months.

If the dried fish is pretty much, it will be correctplace it in any wooden container - this can be a simple box or basket. In order to limit the access of insects to the product, you should carefully cover the packaging with a cloth. It is worth noting that an ordinary linen bag, also quite effectively provides the safety of fish at home.

And what to do if none of the proposedoptions you do not fit? How to store dried fish, if there is no attic, balcony or freezer? There are two other ways, one of which is sure to suit you:

  1. Find at home any jar suitable for the size. Place the existing fish in it, if you can, you can put several pieces at once. Inside insert a candle, light it, then close the jar tightly with a lid. When there is no oxygen, the candle will go out. This method is good because using it correctly, you can ensure the safety of fish for up to several months.
  2. Tin can find now is quite difficult, butif desired, still possible. If you were lucky enough to find it, place the fish there and cover it very tightly with a lid that is suitable for the size. This method makes the product inaccessible to sunlight, protects from shrinkage, which inevitably occurs in other ways of storage, and also does not allow the penetration of air inside the can.

All the methods considered will perfectly fit asfor products purchased in the store, and cooked with their own hands. Any method, provided all these recommendations are observed, will ensure the safety of dried fish for a relatively long period.

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