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Can I freeze chilled fish

Pampering with domestic fish delicacies, mistressesusually buy fish in the hypermarket, in the market. Either way, the terms and conditions for storing fish must be observed unconditionally to ensure its maximum freshness and preserve flavor. Let's understand.

The consumer market offers fish products in three types:

The lower the storage temperature of carcasses, the longerthey are stored in a usable form, the longer their shelf life. Of course, only fresh produce is allowed for storage, even a short one, and still alive or just asleep fish is cooled or frozen.

How to determine the freshness of fish:

  • pure integuments (without mucus, eyes transparent not clouded);
  • the unobtrusive smell of fresh fish;
  • gills pink or reddish;
  • whole bird without damage;
  • elastic on density, with pressure the trace disappears, the form is restored;
  • scales shiny, tightly adjacent to each other (some concussion is allowed).
Fresh fish should have light, slightly bulging eyes

Pay attention to the storage conditionschilled fish in supermarkets: it must be stored in pallets with crushed ice, and its thawing is not allowed. According to the norms, the terms of realization of such products should not exceed one day, if the price for carcasses is reduced or there are several of them left, it is likely that soon they will be removed from sale as "delay".

Chilled is called fish products, the body temperature of which fluctuates in the range of -1-5 ° C. The external storage temperature should also not exceed the limits of these values.

Small fish is stored less than large, even if all conditions are met

Different types of fish can be stored at different times even under identical conditions. This is affected by:

  • carcass size;
  • the amount of adipose tissue;
  • medium temperature;
  • cooling material (ice, liquid, dry-drying);
  • Presence of preservatives.

The instruction in the table will tell you how to keep the cooled river and sea fish:

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