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How to freeze fried fish

Fish is a very useful product. And to make a truly delicious dish from it, there are some subtleties of cooking. How to properly fry fish in a frying pan, read below.

Cut fish into steaks, about 1.5 cmthick. We rub them with salt and pepper. Leave for half an hour to make them missed. Shinkle the onions with semicircles, grind the carrots. In the frying pan, we first send the onion, we pass it on for about 5 minutes, and then put the carrots and cook until it is soft. Eggs whisk, dipped in them pieces of fish, and then breaded them in breadcrumbs. We put the steaks in a frying pan and fry from two sides. The frying time on each side is about 7 minutes. When serving, lay the steaks on the onions with carrots. And as a side dish is good to serve loose rice.

The fish fillets are separated from the skeleton, we add salt. Onion shred and passer till ruddy on oil. Then each fillet cut in half across the fibers. On one half we place the onion and cover it from the top with the second part. The resulting fish sandwich is breaded in flour, dipped in an egg and breaded in breadcrumbs. We send the fish to the pan and cook on both sides until golden brown.

We clean the river fish from the scales. We cut the fins. You can cut off the head as well, but you can leave it. But then it is worth removing the gills. We remove the insides and rinse well. In each fish, we make cuts across. it It is necessary that after frying, small bones are not felt. Fish salt, pepper and roll in flour. Fry it from two sides to rouge.

All sea fish is sold frozen. And to properly prepare it, you need to know some rules.

Fish must be thawed before frying. The best option is to remove it in advance from the freezer and place it in the refrigerator. When the carcasses completely unfrozen, we clean the fish, sprinkle with spices and leave to marinate. And then we fish the fish and fry until ready.

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