/ How much frozen fish can be stored in the refrigerator

How long can I store frozen fish in the refrigerator

It is a delicious but perishable product, soIt is necessary to know how much to store fish in the refrigerator. Store at home can be raw and frozen, smoked, fried, salted and pickled fish.

It should be as fresh as possible + elementary observance of the expiration dates.

Fresh (raw) fish product is highly susceptiblepremature spoilage. Therefore, you can not store uncooked uncooked fish in the refrigerator without freezing. Plus temperature of the home refrigerator promotes the development of moldy mushrooms and bacteria, just a couple of hours the decay process begins. Correctly prepared fresh fish is stored in the refrigerator for two days. First, the raw carcass removes the gills and the entrails. Do not wash, enough to wipe outside and especially carefully inside the carcass. There should be no moisture and no blood! The whole fish is put into a dry plastic container with a lid or other closable container. Store the carcass in the coldest area of ​​the refrigerator. Raw fish minced meat, carcass cut into pieces, cutlets stored no more than ten hours, fillet no more than twenty-four hours. With the preparation of fish dishes it is better not to tighten, even in the refrigerator, the raw fish quickly "wilt" and lose its taste. Fresh raw fish that are not planned to be cooked in the near future are better to be stored for storage in the freezer.

Vacuum packaging significantly prolongs the shelf life. In the refrigerator, unopened packaging of raw fish can be stored for four to five days, in a freezer for a year and a half.

Temperature in the freezer of a home refrigerator- 18 / -24 degrees, which is enough to store fresh fish. To freeze the carcass gible, wash and cut into portions. Dispense in single portions in packages and freeze in the freezer. Purchased frozen fish (not thawed) immediately cleaned in the freezer. Cold destroys the microflora and inhibits the processes of fermentation, although there are also periods of storage of fish. Poisoned long lying in the freezer raw fish is impossible, only the taste of such a product is far from fresh fish. Frozen ice cream fish meat is dehydrated, fatty there is an unpleasant smell and a rancid aftertaste.

  • Low-fat fresh fish (pike, pike perch, cod ....) Can be stored no more than six months.
  • Fatty raw fish (salmon, trout, mackerel,herring, capelin ...) are kept only for three months. Seagull fishes (ryadushku, smelt and the like) should not be stored in the freezer for more than a month! Fish are very tender, even tightly wrapped quickly airy + pull odors and become a little edible.

On a note. Small (perch, roach, etc.) fresh fish is better to freeze not scoured, scales + not the beaten abdomen retain juiciness and taste. Nalima is better not to freeze at all, this fish is only fresh.

Heat treatment increases shelf lifefinished fish products, but you can store fried fish in the refrigerator (according to GOST) no more than 48 hours after cooking. That is, they pressed a lot of tasty fish, threw the leftovers in the refrigerator where the fried fish (safely) is stored for two days. At home, you can store three / four days, but before eating it is advisable to warm in the microwave. Of course, the taste is much worse than only fried fish, so it's best to freeze and freeze as soon as you need. It is stored fried fish in the freezer (no loss of flavor) no more than fifteen days.

Hot smoked fish is tender and fragrant, but inthe refrigerator is not stored for a long time. According to the sanitary rules, hot smoked fish (without package) is stored in the refrigerator for no more than two days, in a freezer for up to thirty days. The hot-smoked fish in vacuum packing is kept at the time that the manufacturer indicated. After opening the package, it is advisable to use the product for two days.

Practice shows that a hot smoking fish manufactured in an industrial way is so stuffed with preservatives that it does not deteriorate in the fridge for a week.

Smoked fish at home is alsorecommend to store 2/3 days. In fact, if caught and immediately smoked, then stored in the refrigerator long enough. For this carcass (separately) wrapped in foil or baking paper and kept in the cold zone of the refrigerating chamber. But more than a week is better not to store, not spoil so dry.

Few will refuse a piece of salted herring,slices of tender salmon or trout. Unfortunately, salt only slows down, but does not stop the natural processes occurring with fish. At home without a freezer, salted fish does not live long!

In a refrigerator. In vacuum packing the time specified by the manufacturer! Purchased or homemade salted herring (without brine) is in a knotted plastic bag on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator of the day 2/3. Up to a month you can store in the fridge salted herring in a strong brine, though with each day more salty and dense + the skin is covered with "rusty" spots. The whole (not gutted) carcass will salivate more slowly. Pieces of herring in vegetable oil should be stored in the refrigerator for not more than one and a half weeks, then a specific taste appears. Salted herring in butter and onions despite being stored in the refrigerator will quickly deteriorate.

Salted herring is perfectly stored in the freezer. The taste does not lose its flavor and the structure of meat practically does not change. Correct unfrozen herring is difficult to distinguish from not frozen. This is done in the refrigerator where the carcass thaws for about twelve hours. Eviscerate herring is not necessary, much more important is dense packaging. Carcasses for freezing it is better to roll carcasses with food film that excludes contact with air. Salted herring is stored in the freezer for up to three months.

Knowing the terms of storage of fish in the freezer and refrigerator can completely preserve the useful qualities of a delicious fish.

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