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How to freeze river fish in a freezer

Is it possible to freeze fish? We answer this question without hesitation in the affirmative, because the freezing of fresh fish helps to preserve its nutritional value for a long period. As a result, you can enjoy a delicious and healthy fish when you want.

About the benefits of fish it is said enough, but it is not superfluous to recall that it is a source of trace elements, numerous vitamins, easily digestible protein, omega-3 and omega-6 acids.

Storage of frozen fish: basic rules and features

  • Frozen only fresh fish is exposed. To this end, it is pre-cleaned, gutted and washed;
  • Before freezing the carcass should be kept cool;
  • contrary to the prevailing opinion, the salt has no effect on the shelf life of fish stock, while changing the taste and texture of the fish after defrosting, and far from the best;
  • The less time gap between catching fish and its immersion in the freezer, the better;
  • store fish in the negative mode of the desiredlarge carcasses, and in the form of fillets or small pieces. So the product will freeze evenly. In any case, before immersion in the freezer compartment, the fish should be carefully wrapped in food film, bag, foil, or placed in a hermetically sealed plastic container;
  • The lower the temperature in the freezer compartment, the longer the shelf life of the fish stock;
  • at home, freezing fish in an ice cubeis used less often, since such blanks occupy considerably more useful space in the freezer. If you prefer this method of freezing, you need to put the fish in a bag, and then in a container with water. Further this composition is sent to the freezer;
  • flounder and herring do not lose their taste qualities during the year, and pike and perch - for 6 months;
  • thermal processing of frozen fishmust be preceded by a daily exposure in the refrigerator under conditions not higher than + 5 ° C. It is important to know that at high temperatures (+ 30 ° C or more) oily fish quickly deteriorates.

All these useful substances are well absorbed by the body, so fish dishes are extremely useful.

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